Halloween Costumes for Pets — For or Against?


 Halloween is almost upon us, and with it, the big decision — to costume or not to costume?

When it comes to dressing up pets, things can get pretty heated. Some people take a lot of pride in their imaginative Halloween costumes for their pets, while others take great umbrage with the idea of dressing up a dog or cat.



Pinned by Cara Friez

Costumes are fun! It’s Halloween, which is the time of year we have allotted for dressing up and playing pretend, and I am most certainly sharing all that fun with my pets. They love attention, and what better way to send some extra loving their way than by putting them in a pumpkin costume? Adorable!



Pinned by Robin Nickolite

Well, since they can’t give their consent to wearing a costume, and since I have never seen them wear clothes before, I’m going to have to assume that they are either indifferent, or opposed to wearing clothes. Also, since my pets are not used to wearing them, a costume could be dangerous, especially if they try to chew their way out of it. Better to just let them go as a pet.

What do you think? Let us know in the poll and see how your views stack up with the rest of the pet owning population!

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