July 9, 2014
by Sam Bourne
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Fundraising Scam May Kill a Rescue With Parvo in Dogs

parvo in dogs

Photo from Facebook

Even before she succumbed to Parvo in dogs, things were not going Sheba’s way. When her family decided to move without her, she became very timid and sickly during her time at the shelter. After her condition started to worsen, the small shelter taking care of her was forced to relocate her to a larger outfit — Felines & Canines in Chicago.

At F&C, it was discovered that what was once thought to be kennel cough was actually Parvo in dogs, a much more serious condition. Sheba was losing a lot of weight and getting worse every day, which is why the staff at F&C decided to set up a donation collection page on GoFundMe.com.

It seemed like a real roll of the dice, but after only a few days, the organization managed to raise a considerable chunk of change for Sheba. Thinking that her struggle was finally nearing its end, everyone at F&C was ready to start uncorking the champagne. However, the celebrations would come to an abrupt halt.

parvo in dogs

Photo from Facebook

How Charity Fraud Impacted A Case of Parvo in Dogs

As it happens, websites that allow you to make charitable donations anonymously (like GoFundMe.com) are a breeding ground for people with stolen credit cards, since here they can test out whether or not the card works without getting caught. Unluckily for Sheba, a lot of the money raised by the site turned out to be fraudulent — upwards of $3,000.

This posed a very difficult hurdle for Sheba and the people at Felines & Canines, since this type of fraud put them in a unique “worst of both worlds” situation. People looking at their page were deterred from donating, since it seemed like they had raised enough money to treat a case of Parvo in dogs. At the same time, no actual money was coming in for Sheba’s treatment.

parvo in dogs

Photo from Facebook

And to top it all off, all the time spent not getting Sheba treatment for her Parvo in dogs has resulted in her condition deteriorating even quicker. Barely stable, Sheba is clinging to life with what little strength remains.

If you would be interested in helping Sheba overcome her Parvo in dogs, go to her GoFundMe page and make a real donation. With enough support from the community, Sheba can put all of this behind her.

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July 8, 2014
by Sam Bourne

MUST WATCH: Bilbo the Amazing Lifeguard Dog

lifeguard dog

Image from YouTube

This is Bilbo. He is the widely known lifeguard dog of Steve Jamieson. And the two of them together are the ultimate life saving duo.

Since it is of the utmost importance for a lifeguard to stay in peak physical condition, Steve is constantly going out to train. And whenever he does, Bilbo is not far behind. In fact, when it comes to becoming a certified lifeguard, Bilbo is in the top of his class. He can more than make the requisite 1,300 foot swim in rough currents. And he can do it in under 7 minutes — a very impressive time.

lifeguard dog

Image from YouTube

Not only is he speedy in the water, but his endurance is also something few humans could hope to match. When Steve starts to fade during a workout, he just grabs a hold of Bilbo’s haunches and lets the powerful pooch tow him around for another few hours. And the lifeguard dog drags him as if it were nothing!

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Thanks to Bilbo’s speed and endurance in the water, dozens of people are alive today who might have otherwise drowned. And at least three of those rescues were carried out by Bilbo alone.

Why Bilbo Makes a Great Lifeguard Dog

A Newfoundland, Bilbo is practically bred for the purpose of rescuing people from the briny deep. They were originally used on board fishing vessels, helping to pull people out of the drink in the event that their boat capsized. Newfies are a powerful, work oriented breed that, by nature, cannot resist an opportunity to take a swim — a perfect lifeguard dog. And Bilbo is a prime example!

lifeguard dog

Image from YouTube

The fact that Newfoundlands were so prevalent aboard ships is no coincidence — they are designed to be unrelenting swimmers. Their large, powerful paws are perfectly designed for swimming thanks to their webbed toes. This unique trait gives their paw a larger surface area, making it possible to apply greater force on the water they are moving through.

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lifeguard dog

Image from YouTube

Also, their broad, heavy tail makes for a superb rudder, allowing them to use it for steering. Most breeds change direction in the water by paddling in a different direction, which ends up slowing them down. The Newfie’s specialized tail frees up their paws to focus on one task — moving quickly.

Lastly, Newfoundlands have a dense, waterproof coat. Even after a long swim, while their outer coat may be soaked, their downy undercoat is still dry. Acting in much the same way as a wet suit, the Newfie’s special coat gives them the ability to stay in the water for extended periods without even batting an eye.

lifeguard dog

Image from YouTube

Curious to see Bilbo, the amazing lifeguard dog, in action? Check out this segment on BBC Earth’s Extraordinary Animals TV series.

The Dodo - Meet “Bilbo,” The Lifeguard Dog Who Can Swim 1,300 Feet In Under 7 Minutes

July 3, 2014
by Sam Bourne
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Lady Eats Nothing But Dog Food for a Month


We’ve all heard the old saying ‘you are what you eat.’ Well, if that is true, then Washington pet store owner Dorothy Hunter is a bag of dog food.

Dorothy has captured everyone’s attention by announcing that, for 30 days, she will consume nothing but the food and treats she keeps in her store. Well, that and her morning coffee — she isn’t insane.

Why Eat Dog Food?

The idea came to her one day when she was looking for a quick snack. “I grabbed a bag of treats off the counter, and I was like, wow, you know, these read better than normal people treats. So I started eating the treats and I was like, you know, I could do this for 30 days.”

dog food

Sorry, Buster, but this bowl is for me…

It should be noted that her store only carries pet food specially selected for the high quality of its ingredients. Dorothy states her inventory contains “no fillers, or animal (byproducts) or preservatives. We also do our best to make sure we do not carry any edible foods from China or products whose ingredients came from China.”

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But that doesn’t change the fact that it is still dog food.

“I decided to eat this food for a month just to prove how good it tastes, as well as showcase its nutrition,” said Hunter.

Now, This May Surprise You

And, as strange as it seems, it has been working. Since June 19th (when the diet began) Dorothy has lost 2.5 pounds, and claims that her feet hurt her less after working a 10 hour shift.

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It isn’t just Dorothy either. Much of the Hunter clan has taken to the doggy diet. “My kids love the dog treats as well, and I don’t mind them eating those because they are nutritious.”

dog food

We love our new dog food diet!

Though it may seem strange to eat nothing but dog food (however gourmet) for a month, to get a point across about the importance of educating ourselves on the food we consume, Dorothy Hunter has done a bang-up job.

“Learn about what you’re eating and what you’re feeding your pets. I think if we can get the awareness out of reading the ingredients, and really understanding what is in the pet food, that that will eventually carry over. If you’re feeding your pet healthy, maybe you’ll start reading the ingredients of your own foods, and maybe you can start eating healthy too.”

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Tri-City Herald - Tri-City woman eating pet food to prove its nutrition
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July 2, 2014
by Sam Bourne
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Dog Throws Up The Solution To 5-Year-Old Mystery

Dog throws up wedding ring

After being married for 20 years, Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring. “I was devastated. How do you replace something like that? Not only the value of the ring but just the emotional ties too,” said Lois. What makes matters worse, the ring was not insured.

Fast forward five years. Tucker, the Matykowski’s dog was busy doing what he does best — sneaking mouthfuls of food that isn’t his. Hence his nickname “the food burglar.” However, being a dog, Tucker was unaware of the stick at the center of the Popsicle he was sneakily snacking on.

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Dog throws up wedding ring

But, thanks to the keen advice of the Matykowski’s vet, the popsicle stick was not long for his tummy. After feeding Tucker a Vaseline sandwich (which is exactly what it sounds like), Tucker managed to retch up the stick before it managed to do any serious damage.

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Two days after the Popsicle incident, Tucker made like he was going to have another bout of vomiting. Perhaps there were some renegade stick fragments yet to be dislodged. No, what spurned this latest cookie-tossing was something far…shinier.

Dog throws up wedding ring

That’s right! Five years later, the Matykowskis are pleasantly surprised to find that the missing wedding ring was “tucked away” the whole time (pun very much intended). Yes, the food burglar had struck again, but ended up unwittingly indicting himself in his own grand heist.

Luckily for Tucker, despite his formerly fraudulent ways, he is now being heralded as a hero for “returning” the long lost ring. And while it would have been nice for the Matykowskis to have gotten the ring back sooner, Lois’ general attitude seems to be one of ‘better late than never.’

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Also, they do get an interesting story out of the ordeal — “Friends have said ‘I want a dog that throws up diamonds,” says Matykowski. “Who wouldn’t, right?”

Needless to say, despite the fact that he is currently riding high on the waves of his latest success, Tucker will be watched like a hawk from here on out anytime food — or jewelry — are within reach.

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June 30, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Officers Use Love to Subdue an Aggressive Dog

aggressive dog and cop

Amongst a sea of stories about police brutality towards aggressive dogs, these two Texas officers stand out for their acts of compassion in the face of what could have easily spiraled into another tragic cop-shoots-dog story.

The event happened when Sgt. Gary Carter and and Officer Heather Gibson, out on a call,  spotted a group of frightened people. They were then informed of an aggressive dog roaming through the neighborhood, behaving violently and stalking people.

Calming The Not-So-Aggressive Dog

Reacting to the neighborhood’s cries for help, the two cops sought out the rogue dog, expecting to find a wild, blood thirsty mongrel.

However, what they did happen upon was something else entirely — a tail-wagging pit bull. Hardly an aggressive dog, the officers first actual encounter with took place after the pit bull was chased off of a neighboring lawn by the homeowners chihuahua.

“He ran to me like,

Help me! Help me! This monster is going to eat me!’, ” Carter said.

A long time dog lover, Carter recognized right away that this dog was not a threat.

At that point, the two officers decided to forego the hostilities, opting to coax the wary pit bull into their car with protein bars and head scratches instead of drawing their firearms. And everything worked out just fine.

They got the ‘aggressive dog‘ into the back seat of their car, took him to a shelter, and reunited him with his owner.

not so aggressive dog

“You could tell he was friendly and open and he needed someone to get him off the street,” Carter said. “I’m glad the way it turned out.”

A Win for The Good Guys

And thanks to the monumental viral success of these officers’ actions, the Arlington Police Department, along with police departments everywhere, are starting to see the importance of training their officers in differentiating between a dog that is a threat, and one that is scared. After reading what seems to be hundreds of tales about dogs getting shot by scared officers, hearing that there are police out there willing to go the peaceful route gives many people hope.

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