November 21, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Keep Fido Happy, Warm and Dry During the Winter


Recently, it seems like every winter has been harsher and colder than the last. While our furry friends have some thicker coats to protect them from the frigid temperatures, sometimes it’s not enough to keep them warm.

KOAA Colorado reported that Denver police officers were quick to visit the home of dog owners who left their pooch outside in the cold and snow. After considerable public outrage, the city’s law enforcement arrived and told the people to let their dog inside because he lacked adequate shelter. Continue Reading →

November 12, 2014
by Sam Bourne

What Human Foods Can You Give To Fido?


It’s not uncommon for dog owners to coat medication in peanut butter and feed it to their pooches. Canines clearly love the taste, but it’s not so obvious why they do.

Most peanut butter contains fat, sugar and salt. While dogs might enjoy it, they don’t seek out salt as much as humans do because they lack salt-specific taste buds on their tongues. However, what they do have more of are fat-related taste buds. But most of these only apply to fats that come from meats, rather than vegetables or legumes. Continue Reading →