July 2, 2014
by Sam Bourne
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Dog Throws Up The Solution To 5-Year-Old Mystery

Dog throws up wedding ring

After being married for 20 years, Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring. “I was devastated. How do you replace something like that? Not only the value of the ring but just the emotional ties too,” said Lois. What makes matters worse, the ring was not insured.

Fast forward five years. Tucker, the Matykowski’s dog was busy doing what he does best — sneaking mouthfuls of food that isn’t his. Hence his nickname “the food burglar.” However, being a dog, Tucker was unaware of the stick at the center of the Popsicle he was sneakily snacking on.

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Dog throws up wedding ring

But, thanks to the keen advice of the Matykowski’s vet, the popsicle stick was not long for his tummy. After feeding Tucker a Vaseline sandwich (which is exactly what it sounds like), Tucker managed to retch up the stick before it managed to do any serious damage.

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Two days after the Popsicle incident, Tucker made like he was going to have another bout of vomiting. Perhaps there were some renegade stick fragments yet to be dislodged. No, what spurned this latest cookie-tossing was something far…shinier.

Dog throws up wedding ring

That’s right! Five years later, the Matykowskis are pleasantly surprised to find that the missing wedding ring was “tucked away” the whole time (pun very much intended). Yes, the food burglar had struck again, but ended up unwittingly indicting himself in his own grand heist.

Luckily for Tucker, despite his formerly fraudulent ways, he is now being heralded as a hero for “returning” the long lost ring. And while it would have been nice for the Matykowskis to have gotten the ring back sooner, Lois’ general attitude seems to be one of ‘better late than never.’

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Also, they do get an interesting story out of the ordeal — “Friends have said ‘I want a dog that throws up diamonds,” says Matykowski. “Who wouldn’t, right?”

Needless to say, despite the fact that he is currently riding high on the waves of his latest success, Tucker will be watched like a hawk from here on out anytime food — or jewelry — are within reach.

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June 30, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Officers Use Love to Subdue an Aggressive Dog

aggressive dog and cop

Amongst a sea of stories about police brutality towards aggressive dogs, these two Texas officers stand out for their acts of compassion in the face of what could have easily spiraled into another tragic cop-shoots-dog story.

The event happened when Sgt. Gary Carter and and Officer Heather Gibson, out on a call,  spotted a group of frightened people. They were then informed of an aggressive dog roaming through the neighborhood, behaving violently and stalking people.

Calming The Not-So-Aggressive Dog

Reacting to the neighborhood’s cries for help, the two cops sought out the rogue dog, expecting to find a wild, blood thirsty mongrel.

However, what they did happen upon was something else entirely — a tail-wagging pit bull. Hardly an aggressive dog, the officers first actual encounter with took place after the pit bull was chased off of a neighboring lawn by the homeowners chihuahua.

“He ran to me like,

Help me! Help me! This monster is going to eat me!’, ” Carter said.

A long time dog lover, Carter recognized right away that this dog was not a threat.

At that point, the two officers decided to forego the hostilities, opting to coax the wary pit bull into their car with protein bars and head scratches instead of drawing their firearms. And everything worked out just fine.

They got the ‘aggressive dog‘ into the back seat of their car, took him to a shelter, and reunited him with his owner.

not so aggressive dog

“You could tell he was friendly and open and he needed someone to get him off the street,” Carter said. “I’m glad the way it turned out.”

A Win for The Good Guys

And thanks to the monumental viral success of these officers’ actions, the Arlington Police Department, along with police departments everywhere, are starting to see the importance of training their officers in differentiating between a dog that is a threat, and one that is scared. After reading what seems to be hundreds of tales about dogs getting shot by scared officers, hearing that there are police out there willing to go the peaceful route gives many people hope.

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June 26, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Hawaii Woman Tries to Flip Rescue Dog for Profit

flip a rescue dog

Photo from YouTube

Not one hour after Sally Mae’s adoption, employees at the Hawaiian Humane Society found a Craigslist post for the rescue dog, asking for twice her original adoption fee.

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In the post, the seller claimed that her and her boyfriend were no longer able to care for the dog. Did they somehow become overburdened between the time they adopted the dog and when they got home?

No — she was just looking to make some easy money.

Flipping Rescue Dogs

However, due to the legal grey area in which this practice exists, the humane society is at a loss for how to proceed. Nothing technically illegal took place. Yet we can all agree that this kind of behavior is inappropriate and needs to be prevented.

The business of adopting and reselling dogs for profit has becoming a growing problem in some areas – and the fact that there is no legal recourse against it makes it that much worse.

flip a rescue dog

Photo from YouTube

In the case of Sally Mae, there may be hope for retribution. While she is actually 10-years-old, the craigslist post advertised her as five. This could be viewed as attempting to defraud a potential buyer. Whether that is enough to have the slimy salesperson tried in court has yet to be determined. But we do know that the amount of outrage stirred up by this unseemly deed will help put an end to reselling rescue dogs.

In fact, the Humane Society is working on drawing up a bill that makes the act of dog flipping illegal. For the time being, however, they are encouraging people to take caution whenever they agree to adopt a dog through any channel that isn’t an official animal rescue.

So, if you are looking to adopt, make sure you go through a reputable source so as to not encourage this kind of unscrupulous behavior.

And if you want to learn a little more about Sally Mae, watch this video!

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Khon 2 – Craigslist Dog Ad Sparks Public Outrage, Disappointment

June 25, 2014
by Sam Bourne
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Meet Peanut: The World’s Ugliest Dog

Say ‘hi’ to Peanut, the World’s Ugliest Dog.


Photo from Facebook

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to the World’s Ugliest Dog competition, the eye of the beholder can take the day off.

Sure, the contestants are kind and loving dogs, but the reason they came is not their pleasant disposition. These dogs are downright UGLY.

Ugliest Dog

Photo from Facebook

And at the front of the pack is the grim-visaged Peanut, who recently took home the title of World’s Ugliest Dog.


Now in its 26th year, the Worlds Ugliest Dog contest is not just some dog and pony show (although it is a dog show…).  It is a serious competition where the ugliest dogs from across the globe come to take a shot at the title.

Before the show, all the dogs are examined by vets to make sure that their unique looks are naturally cultivated and not the result of some kind of condition. Odd though it may be, this is one competition in which a bad case of mange or a bulbous tumor could actually be seen as a leg up.

Poor Peanut - World's Ugliest Dog

Photo from Facebook

Once vetted, there is a panel of three judges grade the entrants on various characteristics, such as special or unusual attributes, their overall personality, and “natural ugliness.” After the voting process, a winner is selected to bear the title of “World’s Ugliest Dog.”

This year, that honor went to Peanut.



Photo from Facebook

A two-year old shih-tzu chihuahua cross, Peanut did not always have such unfortunate looks.

He became disfigured as a puppy after suffering a serious burn. As it happens, many of the entrants in this pageant have a similar back story — the victims of abuse or burning to the point of disfigurement.

As for Peanut, his injuries resulted in his trademark deformed eyelids, patchy fur, and toothy grin.

However, in an unlikely turn of events, it is those selfsame injuries that earned Peanut a blue ribbon, $1,500, and international acclaim.


Photo from Facebook

To help prevent the future mistreatment of dogs, his handler, Holly Chandler, has promised to put the winnings towards paying for the vet bills of pets in need.

Also, as much of this contest is aimed at building awareness of canine abuse, Holly hopes that Peanut can one day become a poster child for how abused dogs can overcome their adversity.

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Associated Press - There’s a New World’s Ugliest Dog

June 24, 2014
by Sam Bourne

“I Have Your Dog and You Can’t Have Her Back”: A Message to Dog Abusers Everywhere


Photo From Facebook

“I have your dog and you can’t have her back,” is the general sentiment of Brandi Glaske’s Craigslist ad. While in most settings a phrase like that would be downright incriminating, given the unique circumstances surrounding this message, Brandi is far from overstepping her bounds.

Her post is in reference to her newly adopted pup, a paraplegic pit bull named Honey, and is aimed at the dog abusers that beat her puppy to the point of disability and left her for dead.

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Honey’s Story

Adopted from the Montcalm County Animal Shelter when she was just four months old, Honey was already abused and crippled. But that did not stop Brandi Glaske from taking her in and giving her a home. And from the moment Honey got into the Glaske car to head home, she has been living up to her name, constantly snuggling with the children of the family. She is especially fond of the youngest, and 18-month-old that is now constantly being showered with puppy kisses.

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Photo from Facebook

And while the Glaske family was incredibly glad to have been given the opportunity to bond with such a special creature, Brandi still could not get over the fact that someone could be so callous as to abuse such a loving pup. And then to leave her alone out in the cold? These dog abusers had another thing coming.

The Famous Letter

Brandi took it upon herself to send a message to these anonymous abusers, posting a long letter on Craigslist detailing how well Honey is doing now. Not only does Brandi mention that Honey is in a loving home now, but she also makes a point of wishing some small evils on the people that did this to her beloved pup — “I hope that you have trouble sleeping at night and that her sweet face and loving eyes haunt you daily.” Harsh, but not undeserved.

What makes this story even sweeter, beyond the fact that Honey has finally found a loving home, vets believe that — with some strenuous physical therapy and no small amount of luck — she could eventually walk on her own again.


Photo from Facebook

While it would be great for Honey to regain full mobility, even if it never happens (vets give it a relatively low chance of success) she is still an incredibly lucky pup with a family that loves her. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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