April 1, 2014
by Sam Bourne

BREAKING NEWS: Dogs Can Talk Thanks to Newly Developed Collar!


Man’s best friend is about to get even better.

Earlier today, scientists from Dutch engineering firm Sloof-Lirpa Innovations tested an experimental new collar that could give your dog the gift of speech. Now, while this technology is still in the early development stages, scientists from SLI are quite confident that the finished product will be ready to hit shelves by early 2015.

For pet parents or pet care specialists, this is groundbreaking news. Here are just a few of the implications of SLI’s canine translator, known as “Project Scooby.”

Leading to quicker and more accurate diagnoses, veterinarians will now be able to actually ask their patients what is bothering them. Also, pet parents will be better able to meet their dog’s needs, now knowing exactly how they feel.

Beyond basic communication, we also stand to gain a much deeper insight into canine psychology. What do they think when we leave them at home for the day? Do they have any idea where we go? Are they even aware that they are a different species than us? These are just some of the questions we will be able to get an answer to thanks to Project Scooby.

As it stands, the collar only works in English, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish, but SLI promises that by 2016 nearly every language on Earth will be available for download into your dog’s collar. So, next time you need to order Chinese, just put Fido on the phone!

To see some footage of the collar in testing, check out the video below.

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March 31, 2014
by Lauren Anderson
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Blind Couple Get Married After Their Guide Dogs Fall in Love


Over a year ago, Labrador Retrievers Venice and Rodd met for the first time at a guide dog training class, and it was love at first bark.  And not long after, their blind parents followed suit.


Photo Via The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Love at First Bark

Throughout the two week course, the dogs couldn’t stop playing and nuzzling with each other. “Everyone used to joke about how Mark’s dog Rodd and my dog Venice were meant to be together.” said Claire.

Unwilling to separate their deeply bonded dogs, Claire and Mark continued to see each other for play dates after the course had finished. The play dates eventually evolved to coffee and lunch dates, and not long after that, Mark ended up proposing to Claire on Valentine’s Day.

This past month, Mark and Claire walked down the aisle with their beloved dogs Venice and Rodd at their side. “I have no doubt that our guide dogs brought us together and helped me find my true love. Much like our two guide dogs, we really are best friends and soul mates.” Claire stated

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March 27, 2014
by Emily Pope

Watch this Rescued Dachshund’s Extraordinary Recovery

Dixon,  a 5-year-old dachshund,  lost the use of his legs following a traumatic injury. His owner was laid off and unable to afford his increased medical expenses, so she surrendered him to Animal Haven, a non-profit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

When he was first brought to Animal Haven, Dixon would uncomfortably drag his hind legs. However, through the persistence of his rescuers and months of physical therapy, Dixon can walk again!

Watch his amazing recovery!

And here he is today!

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March 25, 2014
by Sam Bourne
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VIDEO: When The Dog Home Alone, No Place is Off-Limits

To everyone out there with a “no pets on the couch” policy, here is a hilarious look inside the home of one like-minded individual that perfectly outlines the overall futility of our efforts.

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This dog is not allowed on the bed and he knows it. However, once mommy is out the door, all the rules go out the window. Thankfully, a well placed camcorder captured all the tawdry details, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this pooch made a boo-boo.

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And while catching a dog’s disobedience on film may be a bit of a hollow victory, as far as capturing hysterical doggy behavior is concerned, this video is certainly a win. Check it out.


March 24, 2014
by Lauren Anderson

Family Decides to Live in Their Car Instead of Giving Up Pit Bull


Photo via ABC News

The Devia Family thought finding a new apartment was going to be easy, yet they were turned away by every single landlord — and just because of Rocco, their pet Pit Bull. However — showing true Pit-Bull-like tenacity —  the Devias decided that they would rather live out of their car together than compromise by giving up their beloved pup.

A calm and sweet tempered seven year old pit bull, Rocco had been with the Devia family since he was a puppy. Thanks to breed specific laws and a cultural prejudice towards Pit Bulls, every landlord agreed to house the Devias and their dogs until they saw Rocco, considering him a violent dog simply because of his breed. What’s more, the landlords never had any issue with Camilla, the Devia’s Labrador.

At the end of the day, the only way the family could find an apartment was to give up Rocco. “I can’t find a place unless I give up my dog, and everyone tells me to, but I can’t do that,” said Carol Devia.

And as sad as the Devias’ circumstance was, thankfully it is always darkest before the dawn.

Karma Finally Finds It’s Mark

After a year of living in their car, a Pit Bull loving landlord offered them an apartment to live in, having seen their story on a pit bull advocacy wall.

“Pit Bull owners are good. The community is there and it’s an actual community because they all help each other. Thanks to the Pit Bull community who came together, we have a place,” said Devia.

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