February 5, 2015
by Sam Bourne

Hero Cat Saves Abandoned Baby Boy from Freezing to Death


Cats have sour reputations as aloof animals who seem to care little for their owners and prefer solitude. However, cat parents know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially one Russian family, whose cat bucked the trend by caring for an abandoned child.

The furry godmother and her infant
A Russian baby boy was left abandoned in a stairwell by his mother as temperatures dipped below zero during the night, The New York Post reported. The unlikely hero – a stray tabby cat named Marsha – happened upon the infant and followed her feline instincts to save his life.

She climbed into the box that the boy had been left in and kept him warm for several hours until residents were alerted by his cries. They came out of their homes to find the surrogate furry godmother curled up around the infant and licking his face. Even though he had been left outside for a few hours, Marsha’s efforts left him undamaged by the experience.

Once the boy was discovered by residents, the local paramedics were called to the scene. As the EMTs took him into the ambulance, the feline reportedly ran after them like a worried mother.

The baby was said to be around 2 to 3 months old, and was checked over by medics and doctors after arriving at the hospital. He was declared fit and healthy, despite spending hours in the freezing cold. For her efforts, Marsha has been heralded as a hero by locals and rewarded with food.

Feline winter care tips for owners
The weather during the winter months of the year means that cat owners need to be mindful of health risks that pop up from the change in temperature. Ideally, all cats would be kept safely indoors during the harsher months. However, for many the standard is “once an outdoor cat, always an outdoor cat,” – freezing temperatures or not.  If you own a feline who refuses to remain cooped up indoors, Alley Cat Allies has some tips for protecting them during the winter months.

Shelter is important for hiding from harsh winds and precipitation, and should be placed in an area well removed from foot traffic. A good sized shelter is at least 18 inches tall, which helps trap the heat inside and keeps the cold out. In addition, owners should insulate the shelter with straw to repel moisture and ensure that cats are warm and dry.

Pet owners should sign up for PetPlus and make sure their feline friends’ prescription cat food is always stocked up for the winter.


February 4, 2015
by Sam Bourne

Hero Pup Saves Owners from Raging Fire


Dog owners form bonds with their pets that can run much deeper than long walks at the end of a day and healthy scratches behind their ears. At times, pooches can become so close to their “parents” that they can save their lives during emergencies.

This was the case with 7-month-old Cheeky Baby, who rescued her family from a burning house fire early in the morning.

Acting in the nick of time
WHDH 7 News in Boston reported that the pup was the only one awake at around 2:30 a.m. when she jumped on 12-year-old Jose Rodriguez’s bed to wake him up. According to the boy, Cheeky Baby was licking their faces and biting their ears until they woke up.

When they did, Jose and his brother realized the room was full of smoke and that a fire was quickly growing near his bed. Acting fast, the boys divided duties by waking up their family while the other grabbed water from downstairs to try and douse the flames. While the fire wound up destroying most of their possessions and made their home uninhabitable, the Rodriguezs are alive thanks to Cheeky Baby.

The pooch’s fast thinking isn’t the only time canines have acted heroically to save the lives of their owners.

Learning the long history of heroic pups
Cheeky Baby might count True, a blind, deaf and three-legged Dachshund, as a member of her hero dog squad. Back in 2012, this unlikely savior came to the rescue of her family when their cabin in Grady County, Oklahoma, caught fire one Sunday morning.

Owner Katie Crosley thought True needed to go outside to use the bathroom, but was greeted by a wall of flames when she opened her door. According to KFOR News, an electrical short had ignited a fireball on the front porch of their home, blocking the family’s exit. Thankfully, they had enough time to escape through the smoke and out of the back of the house.

NBC News reported that a few years earlier, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever saw his owner choking on a piece of fruit and was able to quickly perform a canine-modified Heimlich maneuver to save her life.  She had been trying to perform the technique on herself but it didn’t work.

Thinking fast, Toby quickly got up on his hind feet and put his front paws on Debbie’s shoulders, pushing her onto her back on the ground. He then started jumping up on her chest, which eventually dislodged the apple. Toby kept licking her face as well to keep her from passing out. The doctor told Debbie that she wouldn’t be alive without Toby’s ingenuity.

Dogs pay close attention to their owners and don’t hesitate to act quickly when they spot trouble. Reward them with the same dedication by signing up for PetPlus to purchase affordable pet meds online to keep them healthy.


February 2, 2015
by Sam Bourne

Police Dog with Canine Lymphoma Saved by Community


Finding out your furry friend has cancer can be very scary and confusing, but it’s important to know that you’re never alone in handling the disease.

A police officer in Sebastopol, California, recently found that out when his partner was diagnosed with canine lymphoma.

Community comes together for canine
ABC 7 News reported that 7-year-old Frank, a K9 officer at the Sebastopol Police Department, has been showered with charitable donations from strangers who want to help save his life. Sgt. Nick Belliveau, Frank’s handler, noticed that the pooch had started limping and took him to the veterinarian for a check-up. Continue Reading →


January 29, 2015
by Sam Bourne
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Skip the Super Bowl for the Puppy Bowl


People across the country are preparing menus for Super Bowl Sunday that include a long list of snacks and drinks for guests to enjoy. Fans of the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are set to cheer as their teams vie for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

But other ruffians are ready to duke it out on the gridiron, even though they’re playing for Kibbles ‘n Bits.

Dogs prepped for the Puppy Bowl

The San Antonio Express News reported that seven puppies from the city are receiving five-star treatment at a hotel near Times Square in New York City. It’s a significant step up from their lodgings last year, when they were facing the threat of euthanasia at the Animal Care Services shelter (ACS).

The pooches – Theodore, Lance, Zane, Roscoe, Olive, Papi, and Moses – will get their first close-ups at 2 p.m. Feb.1 during Animal Planet’s annual Puppy Bowl Showdown. Unlike the Super Bowl, however, deflated balls are encouraged by the organizers.

Last summer, the dogs were taken in by the San Antonio-based organization Alamo Rescue Friends, which aims to remove canines from ACS and place them in temporary homes. ARF also transports the dogs to one of seven facilities in New England. In this instance, the pups were transferred to the Humane Society of Greater Nashua in New Hampshire, where workers thought the dogs would be perfect for the Puppy Bowl.

Going into its 11th year of operation, the Puppy Bowl will feature 85 dogs from shelters or rescue groups around the U.S. In 2014, the competition attracted more than 13.5 million viewers. The event, in addition to being fun and loose, raises awareness about the welfare of homeless animals.

The history of the Puppy Bowl

While it may not be as long-running as its human counterpart, the Puppy Bowl has its own stories and background to share. Its history is as entertaining as the event itself.

Mic Network explained that the idea was initially a joke pitched to the network higher-ups, according to executive producer Margo Kent. The inaugural game was held in 2005 at a studio in Maryland with little fanfare, but Animal Planet learned something valuable: Some people wanted to watch something other than football during the Super Bowl.

The initial game received 5.58 million viewers, and has continued to grow since then. It has even eclipsed ratings for the Pro Bowl, the NFL’s own all-star game. It spawned a feline spin-off on the Hallmark Channel, too, which will air its version three hours before the Puppy Bowl.

From barking beagles to tussling terriers, the Puppy Bowl has everything that dog lovers want to see in between action during the Super Bowl. If you want your pooches to run the gridiron alongside their furry pals, sign up for a PetPlus membership and get them the cheap pet meds and supplements they need to stay strong and healthy.


January 29, 2015
by Sam Bourne
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How Does Amoxicillin for Dogs Work Against Infections?


If your pooch spends any time with other dogs, either in kennels or at parks playing fetch, they can get exposed to contagious diseases. Bacterial infections can be dangerous, leading some veterinarians to prescribe amoxicillin for dogs as treatment.

What does it do?

Much like with humans, certain canines can be susceptible to medication allergies. These adverse reactions are typically identified early on by veterinarians. If your pooch isn’t allergic, amoxicillin can be a powerful treatment against bacterial infections.

According to, the medication works by preventing bacteria from developing the proteins required to multiply and spread throughout the body. After treatment begins, amoxicillin causes the bacteria to die off within a few days, eliminating the infection in a short span of time. The medication comes in several brand names, including:

  • Amoxil
  • Biomox
  • Robamox-BV
  • Trimox

Some of these medications come in capsule form, while others are oral drops that can be mixed into dogs’ water. Each of the four are used to treat ear infections, skin rashes and urinary tract infections. In addition, other tablet forms treat tooth and respiratory infections. Most veterinarians will administer doses of 5 to 10 milligrams per pound of body weight. Yet, because every pooch is different, there’s always the possibility of adverse reactions to treatments.

Are there any side effects?

Amoxicillin for dogs typically calls for pooches to take the medication twice a day until the prescription is empty. However, exceptions are made depending on dogs’ size, age and weight. For example, some veterinarians will prescribe the amoxicillin-clavulanic acid hybrid Clavamox, which calls for doses to be administered once a day.

Buzzle explained the importance of knowing to not mix certain medicines with amoxicillin for dogs, such as erythromycin and allopurinol, as they could cause severe adverse reactions. Regardless, the use of this medication can potentially result in side effects, including:

  • Diarrhea
  • Hives
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Thrombocytopenia

Many pet parents make the mistake of discontinuing treatments after outward infection symptoms have disappeared. This common error can actually have significant health-related consequences, as it might permit the bacteria to regroup and attack the immune system again. Because of this, it’s critical to keep the doses going until the veterinarian believes it’s safe to stop.

Canine owners should sign up for a PetPlus membership to get access to discounted amoxicillin for dogs that stops infections in their tracks.