April 3, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Miley Cyrus Breaks Down After Losing Beloved Dog


Photo from Twitter

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus lost her beloved dog, Floyd. A rare breed called an Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd was Miley’s favorite dog, and his death came as a shock to not only Miley, but thousands of her fans, with #RIPFloyd trending almost as soon as the tragic news was announced.

Racked with depression, Miley let all of the twitter-verse know exactly how important Floyd was to her, stating “I am broken,” and “What am I gonna do without him?”, along with many other heartfelt tweets.

Worried that her depressed state might affect her tour, she reached out to her fans in Boston, stating “I will try my best to be my best,” but in the end, ended up breaking down during a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide,” stating that it was Floyd’s favorite song. Watch the tear-jerking video below.

As an organization of proud pet parents, we know how difficult the death of a pet can be, and we are all very sorry for Miley’s loss.

April 3, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Rescue Dog Keeps US Soldier from Commiting Suicide


David E. Sharpe was at the end of his rope. A senior airman in the US Air Force, after his 2002 tour in Saudi Arabia, Sharpe had a nearly impossible time adjusting to civilian life. To cope with the difficult transition, he turned to alcohol. Hoping to snap him out of this self-destructive spiral, Sharpe’s friends gave him the idea to adopt a puppy — someone to keep him company and cheer him up.

Hitting Rock Bottom

However, the adoption alone was almost not enough. Three months after adopting Cheyenne, Sharp found himself tear stricken in his bedroom with a .45 in his hand, cocked and loaded. But then, a miracle happened.

“This little pup, who was maybe six months old at the time, came up and licked my ear, which distracted me so I [put the gun down] to ask, ‘What did you do that for?’”

Then she put her head in Sharpe’s lap, and everything changed.

“I understood it was an ultimatum to choose her or to take my life. I chose her, and I never looked back.”

Turning it all around

Fast forward twelve years, Sharpe is the founder of an organization dedicated to pairing returning soldiers with rescue dogs — Companions for Heroes. Sharpe’s mission: to actively improve the lives of soldiers combating depression or other challenges after coming home.

“Eighteen vets kill themselves a day. That’s over 6,000 a year. I want that number to be zero. And every eight seconds a [shelter] animal is euthanized.” Sharpe and Companions for Heroes put two and two together, finding the perfect way to help both struggling soldiers and shelter dogs — by forging long lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships between two groups often left behind.

To see exactly what Companions for Heroes is all about, or to donate to this fantastic organization, check out their website.


April 2, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Quiz: What Kind of Pet Parent are You?


Pet parents are as diverse as the dogs and cats they love, and parenting styles vary depending on the person and the pet. Some pet parents are focused on strict socialization, while others are more tolerant of the occasional tom-foolery. Some love a big, sloppy kiss, and others think puppy smooches are gross — there are many right ways to raise your pet. Do you know what kind of pet parent you are? Take the quiz and find out!

Where does your pet sleep?

What is your favorite thing to do with your pet?

What did you do for your pet’s birthday?

Desert island -- What do you take with you?

Pick a mode of transportation

How many treats do you give your pet in a day?

What is your dream day off?

How do you greet your pet after work?

Enjoy the quiz? Share it with your friends, and let us know how you did in the comments section!

April 2, 2014
by Lauren Anderson

VIDEO: Duncan the Two-Legged Boxer’s First Time at the Beach!


Duncan Lou Who, a 9-month-old Boxer,  was born with severely deformed rear legs that needed to be removed, forcing him to spend his days strapped into a wheelchair — or so the vets thought. However, instead of using his wheelchair, Duncan prefers to run around on his two front legs.

Not only that, but even with his disability, Duncan has no problem keeping up with his owner. Watch this inspirational video of Duncan visiting the beach for the first time with his fur friends.

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April 1, 2014
by Sam Bourne

BREAKING NEWS: Dogs Can Talk Thanks to Newly Developed Collar!


Man’s best friend is about to get even better.

Earlier today, scientists from Dutch engineering firm Sloof-Lirpa Innovations tested an experimental new collar that could give your dog the gift of speech. Now, while this technology is still in the early development stages, scientists from SLI are quite confident that the finished product will be ready to hit shelves by early 2015.

For pet parents or pet care specialists, this is groundbreaking news. Here are just a few of the implications of SLI’s canine translator, known as “Project Scooby.”

Leading to quicker and more accurate diagnoses, veterinarians will now be able to actually ask their patients what is bothering them. Also, pet parents will be better able to meet their dog’s needs, now knowing exactly how they feel.

Beyond basic communication, we also stand to gain a much deeper insight into canine psychology. What do they think when we leave them at home for the day? Do they have any idea where we go? Are they even aware that they are a different species than us? These are just some of the questions we will be able to get an answer to thanks to Project Scooby.

As it stands, the collar only works in English, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish, but SLI promises that by 2016 nearly every language on Earth will be available for download into your dog’s collar. So, next time you need to order Chinese, just put Fido on the phone!

To see some footage of the collar in testing, check out the video below.

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