June 16, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Ready for the World Cup? See Purin the Super Beagle Play Soccer!


All photos courtesy of Facebook

In honor of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we are proud to introduce you to Purin, the soccer playing Beagle. In an amazing display of athleticism, Purin not only manages to score a number of goals, but she is also a more than capable goalie! Add in the fact that she can do some seriously impressive handstands, and Purin is a true triple threat.


Re: Impressive handstands

Don’t believe us? Watch the video!

Now isn’t that incredible?

Purin was adopted 9 years ago in Shibuya, Tokyo, and since then has learned a number of scene-stealing tricks. She has appeared in a few commercial spots, as well be the star of her own YouTube channel.


Purin on a commercial shoot.

Have you ever seen a dog do anything like that before? Let us know in the comments section below.


Purin playing with a beach ball

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The Dodo – Forget The World Cup, Lets Watch This Beagle Play Soccer Instead

June 12, 2014
by Sam Bourne

GOING VIRAL: Pig is the Strangest Looking Dog You Will Ever See


Image from Twitter

No, this is not photoshopped. This is Pig.

Born to a feral mother outside of Atlanta, Pig came into this world with some severe birth defects. It was thought that, because of her unusual shape, she was not long for this world. In fact, it was advised by a vet that she simply be put down because of how slim her chances of survival were.

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And yet, Pig is alive and well.



Sure, the life of Pig has some unique struggles. She is missing a good portion of her spine and several ribs, some of her vertebrae are fused and twisted, her hips and joints rotate incorrectly, and her spinal cord splits in half near her neck. Because of her crowded chest cavity, she cannot eat a lot without it causing pressure on her lungs. She is also prone to choking, especially if she eats too quickly.  In fact, her caretaker has had to give her the Heimlich maneuver multiple times.

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Despite the sack of lemons that life has handed Pig, time and again, she has managed to find a way to make lemonade. And, just like the best lemonade, Pig makes hers with loads of sugar. A bright, vibrant, joyous dog, Pig loves to play fetch, wrestle, and take naps with the people she loves. Pig’s owner, Kim Dillenbeck, told AL.com that “Pig doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with her.”

While Pig has been making a big splash with people online, as well as at events like Do Dah Day and the Big Ice Cream Festival, unfortunately, her time may be short lived. At only eight months old, Pig’s condition will make growing up difficult. Dillenbeck said in an interview with AL.com that “she’s still gaining weight. At this point, she has the potential to gain another 20 pounds, and that would probably kill her,” because of the additional strain this weight would put on her already maxed out chest cavity.

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So, though Pig has drawn a tough lot in life, her positive outlook and upbeat attitude have made her an absolute treasure, as you can see in the video above. “Whatever time we get with her is our gift,” Dillenbeck told AL.com, “I’m the lucky one. She makes me laugh every day.”

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AL.com – It’s Pig! This unusual dog, a star at Do Dah Day, has found a home in Alabama
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June 11, 2014
by Sam Bourne

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Adopt a 3-Legged Frenchie


Image from Instagram

As if these two could get any more awesome, John Legend and his wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, adopted a three-legged French Bulldog this weekend, thereby making their perfect life even better.

Is it possible for life to get better than perfect? Evidently.

Already the proud owners of two other pooches — Puddy and Pippa — Legend brought the little tripod named Penny back from a trip to South Carolina, much to his wife’s surprise and amusement. Teigen was so taken, in fact, that this past Sunday, she lit up Twitter with a series of jubilant messages about the precious new addition to their family.

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And if that isn’t enough, Legend and Teigen joined in on Instagram as well, posting a number of adorable pics of their sweet little pup in all her three-legged glory.

And don’t forget to watch this adorable video of Penny playing with a frisbee!

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Huffington Post – Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Adopt Three-Legged Dog

June 10, 2014
by Sam Bourne

AMAZING REUNION: US Marine and the Bomb-Sniffing Dog that Saved His Life

In a tear-jerking reunion, US Marine Jeff DeYoung was reunited with his best friend last week — a black lab named Cena. A trained bomb-sniffing dog, Cena saved his handler from countless improvised explosive devices (IEDs), as well as kept him company during the most trying point in Jeff’s life.



Having one of the most high-pressure assignments imaginable, Jeff and Cena were deployed in order to detect some 300 different kinds of IEDs. As one can imagine, going out and looking for bombs can be a very tense occupation,  as it can quickly escalate into something incredibly dangerous.

In order to make it through the war, Jeff and Cena had to take solace in one another’s company. “We slept together in fighting holes. We ate the same food. He drank out of my water system. I carried him across rivers. We had a hail storm and a dust storm and I had to cover myself on top of him,” said DeYoung to Click on Detroit. And while Jeff kept Cena safe during firefights, when it came to safely crossing unknown terrain, Cena and his well-tuned nose protected Jeff a from accidentally stepping on a dirty bomb – a common cause of death among combatants. In fact, the DeYoung family credits Cena with Jeff’s survival during his time in Afghanistan.


Four years after his return home, DeYoung now has a family, with a loving wife and two daughters. And while Jeff’s home life has provided him a much needed sense of security, it was very challenging for him to put the war behind him – especially knowing that Cena was still out there in the line of duty. “We never got to say good-bye. They thought it would be easier. I didn’t agree,” said DeYoung to the Detroit Free Press.

So when it came time for Cena to retire, Jeff’s wife Lindsay immediately got into contact with people at Mission K9 Rescue — an organization dedicated to reuniting veterans with their service dogs. And while Jeff was excited for the reunion, after four years apart, he was concerned that his old war buddy would not remember him. However, as you can clearly see in the video at the top, those concerns turned out to be unfounded.

Now a complete family again, Lindsay hopes that Cena’s adoption will help Jeff further acclimate himself back into civilian life, as the transition has been difficult for him. “I know when he got back, he had a lot of separation issues,” she said to the Detroit Free Press. “I think it’s going to be really good for him.”

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Detroit Free Press – Amid licks and smiles, Michigan veteran and his bomb-detecting war dog are reunited
Click on Detroit - Michigan soldier reunited with service dog after 4 years apart


June 5, 2014
by Sam Bourne
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UPDATE: Deadly Jerky Treat Manufacturers Offer $6.5 Million in Damages


For those that haven’t heard, late last month it was discovered that certain jerky treats imported from China were tainted, resulting in thousands of dogs falling ill and dying. The actual cause of the illness remains a mystery, the source has been well documented.

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In a settlement reached earlier this month, two major labels accused of distributing the tainted treats (Nestle Purina Pet Care Co. and Waggin’ Train LLC) have offered up $6.5 million in damages to be parceled out to those families affected by the outbreak. Along with that, these companies have agreed to adopt “enhanced quality assurance measures” in an attempt to prevent another disaster like this from occurring.

While the settlement will end up providing these families with a little compensation for the tragedies they had undergone, Purina and Waggin’ Train want to make it clear that this settlement is in no way an admission of fault. “All parties entered into the agreement only to bring the litigation to a prompt and certain resolution,” said a lawyer during a statement to the press.

Outside of the recent settlement, the FDA has also updated its investigation to include Chinese jerky treats consisting of chicken, duck, and sweet potatoes. And even though the testing has been expanded to become more comprehensive, the actual cause of the sickness is still unknown, leaving our pets open to further infection. That being the case, if you have any jerky-based treats in your home, especially those made in China, it is still advised that you stop giving them to your pet immediately.

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Alternative Treats

One Earth Peanut Butter Treats
Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Kisses Salmon Dog Treats
Newman’s Own Organics Cheese Dog Treats

Also, since the condition has persisted, you should make sure you are aware of the symptoms of the condition, which can be found – along with any other relevant information – here.

To read the entire 158-page settlement, see it here.

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Food Safety News – Jerky Treat Makers Agree to Compensate Pet Owners with $6.5-Million Fund
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