March 20, 2014
by Emily Pope

Senior Dachshund Surrendered to Shelter with Heartbreaking Note to be Reunited with Owners


A little over a week ago, the animal world was rocked by the story of an elderly couple who, due to sickness and poverty, were forced to surrender their 13 year old dachshund to a local animal shelter outside of Los Angeles, California.

The couple left the pup in a basket outside of Baldwin Park Animal Shelter with a heartbreaking note, detailing how the dog was too sick for them to care for and that they were unable to pay for veterinary care. The dog had been suffering from bloody stool and vomiting, as well as an uncomfortable skin condition. The note closes, “He has never been away from us in all those years, he cannot function without us, please put him to sleep.”

Little did they know, what they thought would be the end of their dog’s life ended up being the beginning of a national  news story.

Sacrifice Leads to a New Beginning

Instead of putting the dog to sleep, shelter workers called Leave No Paws Behind – an all breed, all foster based rescue that specializes in seniors, who rescued the dog and named him Harley.  After a vet visit,  it was determined that not only could Harley be treated, but he most likely had a “couple of more years” left in him, according to an update on the organization’s Facebook page.

The rescuers realized the little dog had been well-cared for and, according to the note, well loved, so they decided to try to reach out to the his former owners and set things right.

When the elderly couple came forward, they explained that they didn’t know where else to turn when Otto (Harley’s actual name) became ill. They  had taken him to the vet, where they were told Otto would need costly tests in order to be diagnosed. When they realized they couldn’t even afford to have him euthanized, they were “hysterical,” and decided that leaving him at the shelter was the best course of action.

When contacted by local news station KTLA, one of the owners commented, “We just are living week to week… we can’t even go to the hospital to get our own treatment.”

Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind provided the following statement regarding her decision to return the dog to his original owners:

“I do not believe that all humans who surrender their loving companions are bad people. What I have come to realize is that some, and there are a few, fall on hard and difficult times, loss of jobs, senior and elderly folks who are sick and need help, loss of homes etc. etc. I also believe that they are not aware that there is help out there for their beloved pets and we are hoping to be able to get that message to them. If Harley’s humans come forward, we will speak with them, do our standard home check AND if we find that they are indeed loving, kind and genuinely care for sweet Harley, which we do believe, and the only issue is help with medical care and basic needs for him, yes, we will reunite them!”

What do you think? Should Otto Be Returned To His Owners?

March 19, 2014
by Lauren Anderson

Adorable English Bulldog Puppy Tumbles Down Hills to Ring in Springtime


This video of Sophie, the English Bulldog puppy, rolling down a hill was too cute for us not to share! Just 2-months old, this little ball of whimsy stunned her owners with her unique hill-rolling tendencies.  Her strange behavior was unveiled one day like any other, on a routine trip out for Sophie to do her business. Her parents placed her on the ground outside, but instead of relieving herself, she decided it would be more fun to tumble down the hill.

Initially somewhat worried, Sophie’s mom Kathryn contacted the breeder to find if her puppy’s odd behavior was normal.She learned that Sophie’s fur mommy liked to roll down hills too — like mother, like daughter! Check out the video here.

Looks like Sophie is ready for spring. How about you?


March 18, 2014
by Sam Bourne

EPA News: BioSpot, Sentry, Zodiac and Bansect to Pull Collars From Shelves by 2016


A few days ago, an agreement was made between pet supply companies and the EPA promising to stop production and distribution of pet collars containing the active ingredient propoxur. Companies like Zodiac, BioSpot, Sentry, and Bansect have all promised to halt all manufacturing of any product containing this chemical by April 2016.

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As it stands, these companies are going to continue marketing and selling the remainder of their inventory. The continued sale of propoxur-based drugs is due to the fact that, even though the product has been determined to be potentially harmful to people (predominantly children), the effects of this chemical have been deemed minor enough not to warrant an actual recall.


For those out there currently using propoxur-based flea and tick control, this is not a cause for alarm. Your pets are just fine with continued use of these types of products (hence them not being recalled). Just make sure to always follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter, and that any small children be kept away from your pet a day or two after first putting on the collar.  Also, any direct skin contact with the collar should be washed off with soap and hot water.

That being said, it is probably a good time to consider switching to a non-propoxur flea and tick repellent. There are plenty of other options on the market — even some in the same collar form — and since we know now that propoxur-based treatments are going to halt in production before too long, the time is right for getting your pet’s body accustomed to receiving a different type of flea and tick protection.

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Most importantly, don’t let the discontinuation of this particular product steer you away from flea and tick medications as a whole. Flea and ticks, along with the myriad diseases they carry, are still a much bigger threat to your pet’s health than any medication-derived problem you might be fretting over.

Spring is almost here – don’t leave your pet exposed.

Looking for a Propoxur Alternative? Why not try one of our Dog Flea and Tick Medications or  Cat Flea and Tick Medications



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March 17, 2014
by Kat Sherbo

Quiz: Do You Know What’s Poisonous to Pets?

This week is Poison Prevention Awareness Week, so we’re testing your knowledge of the dangerous substances that might be around your home. Did you know that certain foods, chemicals, and even plants can be toxic to pets? Find out which ones!

Poison Prevention Quiz

Which beverages are dangerous to pets?

Poison Prevention Quiz


Caffeine can be very dangerous to pets, so never let them get a sample of your coffee or tea, and make sure coffee grounds or tea bags in the trash are closed away if you have a curious dog. Caffeine poisoning can result in hyperactivity, vomiting, seizures, and collapse. Call your vet and poison control immediately if these symptoms occur.

Alcohol can cause a pet to drool, vomit, and even go into a deadly coma. And since pets are much smaller than people, alcohol poisoning can happen a lot faster.

Which common plants are dangerous to pets?

Poison Prevention Quiz


All of these flowers and plants can have adverse affects on pets. Lilies can cause severe kidney failure in cats if ingested while poinsettias cause less trouble, but will still make a pet vomit. Learn more about the many flowers and plants that should be kept well away from pets.

Dogs are more likely to gobble chocolate than cats.

Poison Prevention Quiz


Unlike cats, who cannot taste the sweetness of chocolate, dogs can develop a taste for this potentially toxic treat. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, both of which are poisonous to pets.

If you're giving your pet a treat of cooked chicken, turkey, fish, or meat, how should it be cooked?

Poison Prevention Quiz

Vegetable oil and nothing else

Cats and dogs should never have foods dressed with salt, garlic, or onions. (And of course, they shouldn't have salt, onions, or garlic alone either.) The sulfoxides and disulfides in garlic and onions are poisonous for pets. If your pet eats too much salt, it can lead to dehydration and sodium ion poisoning.

Instead, if you're treating your pet with a bit of cooked meat, simply fry or bake it in a small amount of oil. Take a look at our treat recipes for tips.

Which kind of candy is okay for pets?

Poison Prevention Quiz


Too much sugar is not a good idea for pets, and sugar-free sweeteners are very dangerous. Ingestion of more than 0.1 grams of xylitol can cause a very serious and life-threatening type of low blood sugar for your dog within 10 minutes of them eating it.

Which fruits are no-nos for pets?

Poison Prevention Quiz

Apricots, cherries, peaches, and raisins

Sliced apples, as long as you discard the seeds, are okay for pets. Bananas can make a great snack for dogs.

But the pits of apricots, cherries, and peaches all contain cyanide, so it's best to keep these fruits away from your pets.

It is not currently understood what about grapes and raisins is toxic for dogs, but even a small mouthful of grapes or raisins could cause your dog much discomfort: vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

What are the signs of antifreeze poisoning?

March 14, 2014
by Sam Bourne

US Skier’s Sochi Puppies Make Emotional First Appearance on Today Show


Olympic skier and silver medalist Gus Kenworthy made some waves in Sochi — and not just for his slopestyle performance. After seeing the sheer amount of stray dogs walking around the Olympic village and city, he took it upon himself to personally rescue a few of these poor dogs.

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Now, almost a month later, Gus is finally returning home with his three new Russian pooches: Mama, Jake and Mishka. Having finally finished dealing with all of the red tape involved with bringing his new furry friends back to the states, this morning Kenworthy introduced his puppies to America on the Today Show.

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Sadly, not all of the puppies made it back. Due to the malnourished and generally unhealthy state these puppies were found in, two of the puppies passed away during the month long wait for them to be cleared to leave Russia.

Thankfully, the other three dogs (two puppies and their mother) were eventually allowed to leave Russia, and are now living in a loving home where they are getting all the food and care they could need.

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To see the Today Show segment, watch the clip below.