May 1, 2014
by Sam Bourne

Are Pets Capable of Love? See What Science Has to Say

Big news people — our pets DO love us! Scientists at the Claremont Graduate University discovered that domestic pets, when in an affectionate situation, release oxytocin just like people. Also known as the ‘love hormone,’ oxytocin is the chemical released … Continue reading

Photo via Judy Hopkins

September 26, 2013
by Emily Pope

Dog Trapped in a Well, Rescued by Skinniest Firefighter

An Illinois dog plunged 23-feet down a well before landing in 14-feet of cold water. Doogie, an 8-year-old Goldendoodle, paddled in circles for about 90 minutes before rescuers were able to hoist him to safety. At around 10:30 am on Saturday, Doogie’s owner, Judy … Continue reading