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June 14, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Why do Cats Sit on Heads?

Image Credits: Pixabay

Cat owners are familiar, waking up with cats on top of them. Kitties for some reason like to sleep or sit on their owners’ heads-or someone they like and familiar with. This is true even if the bed is large enough to accommodate the two of you. Sooner or later, the cat will leave its previous resting position and sit on your head. Do not be alarmed. There is a fairly simple reason as to why it does so.

Warm zone

According to cat behavior specialists, the top of your head is a warm place. Although your whole body is warm, the head is the warmest part of the body as heat escapes from the head. The warmth entices your kitty to sit directly on your forehead and eyes. The average body temperature of a cat is about 102 degrees , and they require to hear to maintain their basal metabolism. An external heat source permits the cat’s body to take it easy so that it can remain warm while sleeping. The cat also wants a notion of comfort. One reason for your cat not sleeping by your foot is you move your feet while you sleep. For a cat, comfort is a priority, and your head is a much calmer place to sleep.

Safety and smell

There are many other factors as well. You cat may like you, more particularly how your hair smells. The familiar smell makes the animal feel safe. They also get a feel of security when sleeping. As cats are dominant and territorial animals, they like to mark their property with scent, and you are one such “property”. These senses of security make the animal feel calm, and they can take a good rest in your presence. Many cat owners complain about their kitties sleeping with their butt towards their face. Even though it is not appealing to humans, it is actually a good thing. It means the cat trusts you and feels no need to observe you. Domestic cats tend to sleep nearest to their owner. These follow the pattern of their wild ancestors who used to sleep in a place where they are the safest from predators. Those resting places were also good to stay in between hunts.

Do remember that your cat at rest may not automatically mean you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Felines do not have the human’s sleep-wake cycle, and they are always searching for food. A feral cat must hunt and eat a minimum of 20 small prey every day. Your domesticated cat, even though it does not need to hunt, follow the same internal clock. The good thing is that as an owner, you can train the cat to sleep during more amenable hours.

June 13, 2019
by Lynn Merton

How to Groom Your Persian Cat?

Image Credits: Pixabay

Persian cats are coveted due to their big eyes and doll-like faces. Owning a Persian comes with its own set of responsibilities. These could range from standard health issues to coat care. Many factors must be considered if you adopt a Persian cat.


The coat of the Persian cat must be properly groomed. Start to brush the cat’s fur from the time it is young. The cat must get used to such an experience. In case you do not brush it from its kitten stage, the cat may develop a strong dislike of being brushed. You will have a much tougher time when it comes to maintaining the cat’s coat. A good idea to make the cat think brushing is an acceptable option is to brush it just before lunch. The feline will make a positive link between brushing and food. Do but a quality comb to brush the Persian cat’s gorgeous fur. The ideal comb should be made of metal and contain narrow teeth. The latter should be on one end, and the teeth must be widely spaced at the other to detangle the long fur of the Persian cat. A brush like a metal slicker is also excellent for removing any tangled excess fur.


Brushing must be done properly. A fairly common mistake is to brush superficially, like brushing the top and not going down to the roots. Brush the Persian’s hair like you would comb your own hair. It is important to part fur and combs the roots so that the hairs are free of tangles all the way from their bases to their tops. Brush the cat in the same direction as the growth of hair. This will not only be more effective but makes your kitty happy too. The proper process is to part the cat’s hair and use the broad spaced teeth comb side to brush away all loose knots if present. This particular step assists the fur to lie in a single direction, thus making the detangling process much easier. Take the slicker brush and begin work in sections. Progress from the head to the tail. This will brush out any loose hairs. Once the coat is completely clear of all shed fur, do it all over again and use the wide-toothed comb in such an instance. Finish the process by combing the full body of the cat with the comb’s narrow toothed part. It is important that you brush the fur of your cat every day to keep it healthy. Not doing so will make it a big problem. A Persian cat has luxuriously long fur which can quickly become tangled. If it does so, it may also be matted later.

June 12, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Feeding Your Doberman

Image Credits: Pixabay

Doberman pinschers were originally bred to be loyal guard dogs and companions. They are known to be loyal only to their owners. These dogs need premium quality feed to maintain an optimal physical condition and also to keep their coats lustrous. A few nutritional adjustments could be needed to reduce a few susceptible health risks. Only those foods which are palatable and easily digestible should be given to the dog. Meat is a must. Include lamb, beef, or chicken in the diet. Whole grains like sweet potatoes or brown rice must also be on the menu. Foods should preferably be bought from reputed pet supply outlets. Put in safflower or flaxseed oils into the diet to keep the dog’s shiny coat.


Dobermans are susceptible to volvulus and gastric dilation. These two are colloquially known as bloat. This is a fatal condition and happens when gases and food inside the dog’s stomach lead it to rotate and expand. This blocks the release of gases and cuts off the blood supply to the stomach. If medical attention is not given, the bigger stomach could stop the flow of blood to the heart, leading to a painful death. To make sure this would not happen, divide the daily food intake of the Doberman into two or multiple feedings. You can also add little table scraps or wet food to the dog’s diet. This action also reduces bloating chances. Give your dog a continuous fresh water supply to drink and do not exercise the dog at least an hour before the meal and after it. It is important that the water bowl should be at a low height. The dog’s stress level should be minimal too.

Wobblers’ syndrome

Dobermans’ are vulnerable to wobblers’ syndrome, a condition of the spine. These symptoms appear later in the animal’s life. Veterinarians recommend adoption of many nutritional steps to keep the weight during the puppy stage down and also prevent rapid growth from reducing risks of the dog eventually developing this problem. The list of wobblers’ syndrome include a not-so-steady gait, clumsiness, and repeated falling down. Paralysis is also observed. The condition is generally observed after the Doberman reaches four to five years of age. To reduce risk, puppy food should be stopped after the animal crosses six months. The diet must not contain more than 24 percent protein and the canine must not be given supplemental minerals and vitamins, especially phosphorus and calcium.

The Doberman breed is also vulnerable to the juvenile renal disease found in canines. It is a hereditary disorder which affects the kidneys causing early death. The symptoms usually occur before the dog reaches two years’ age. The list of symptoms includes lethargy, weight loss, and thirst.

June 11, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Buying a Dog Bike Trailer

Image Credits: Pixabay

Bike trailers for dogs are for bigger canines. These trailers are also suitable for disabled or senior dogs and also for dog rescues. These vehicles serve an excellent function in terms of practicality and convenience. They will permit your dog to enjoy a better life and you can also spend more time with your best friend.

For many new dog owners, bike trailers would seem like an unnecessary extra. Contrary to popular perception, dogs cannot always keep up with a bicycle. A bike trailer is a safer, practical, and smarter option. Multiple reasons exist as to why you should go for a bike trailer.

Senior dogs and sick canines

A trailer is a must if your canine suffers from any degenerative disease, injury, or illness. For these dogs, riding a trailer may lead to a dramatic improvement in its well-being. Take your disabled or ill dog by taking it out in your newly bought bike trailer. Your dog will be thrilled to see and smell the world again. Many young dogs may also require a bike trailer ride. This is needed when active dogs suffer from joint and ligament tears. Injuries like these need months to heal. You may have to put the dog inside a crate. For hyper-energetic canines, being always confined may seem like hell. The only way to get out of this situation is to use a bike trailer. The dog can relax and see the world at the same time. It can experience joy without moving from the confines of the trailer.

Bike trailers are extremely popular among owners having senior dogs. They enable the canines to enjoy their sunset years to the fullest. These dogs, although old, still like to accompany you wherever you go, and a bike trailer helps them to do exactly that. Many owners buy a certain kind of bike trailer which can be quickly converted to a dog stroller. The dogs can continue to enjoy the runs and walks with you, and when they get tired, simply hop on to the trailer for relaxation while enjoying the smells of nature as it goes past.

For puppies Bike trailers are also excellent for puppies! They like to have fun and socialize like their older peers but swiftly exhaust their energy. There is another aspect to taking your puppy in a bike trailer. If you do not, there are chances of the young dog forcing you to go to situations which could be harmful to you. One example is your dog can pull you to the middle of a busy street where it wants to bark with another puppy. The dog may also chase a squirrel and pull you towards an accident waiting to happen.

June 10, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Why buy a DoggyRide bike trailer?

Image Credits: Pixabay

Many companies manufacture and sell dog bike trailers in the market. It is your choice to pick the trailer best suitable for your dog and also for your pocket. Many dog owners like the DoggyRide Novel model. It is excellent for owners who want to ride longer distances and frequently does so. Owners of disabled or senior dogs, especially like this company’s products. The trailer comes in the signature orange and black colors. There are several standard accessories which many trailers lack,  like ample storage space, and a roof rack. The pet bed is made of two-inch thick memory foam.

Excellent build

The frame of the DoggyRide trailer is quite light at 34 pounds and made of robust aluminum alloy capable of holding dogs with a maximum weight of 110 pounds and to a maximum of 26 inches at the shoulder. The trailer also has 20-inch wheels which are proven to be well-designed and sturdy. The company also sells a hitch adapter which permits this trailer to be fitted into specialty bikes which other trailers cannot accommodate.

The DoggyRide trailer is built to be functional for a long time. It is engineered to cater to the requirements of a dog owner who is also an outdoor adventurer and serious biker. Previous owners of the trailer have insisted that the roof rack of the trailer is superb for road trips and camping as it permits the rider to store as much as 12 pounds weight of gear on the top of the bike trailer. The whole paraphernalia can be folded swiftly with the removal of a single pin. If you are setting up a tent for the night, be sure that your dog is sleeping comfortably in its trailer as it doubles up as a snug tent. You have to remove the kickstand legs. There is thus no need to pack the regular crate.

Quick stroller conversion

The DoggyRide trailer can be used during rain and can be swiftly converted into a stroller. The equipment has an extra plastic UV guard which also doubles up as a rain cover. You can slip this on and off without any hassle. There are no buttons, buckles, or zippers. There are open flaps to the side to make sure that the dog enjoys excellent air circulation at all times inside the cabin. The DoggyRide can easily be converted into a stroller once you have arrived at the destination. This makes it perfect for owners of senior dogs who want their canines to be with them at all times. The two-inch thick memory foam makes the DoggyRide a better choice for disabled, older, injured or ill pets.