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July 20, 2018
by Lynn Merton

How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Fireworks

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If you are a dog owner then you know that the Fourth of July is a very stressful time for your dog. Fireworks and loud noises during this time of the year can terrify any dog and make the whole experience traumatic and distressing for them.

Dogs get petrified and try to hide to isolate themselves from all the noise.

Here are some tips to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks.

Tire your dog out

Take your dog out for long walks and make sure that he gets plenty of exercise. The physical exhaustion will tire them out and your dog is likely to sleep through the fireworks. Keep your dog in a closed and airy room with his favorite toys and a bed. This will keep them at ease and will protect them from wandering out due to stress.

Distract them

Use interactive toys to keep your dog distracted during fireworks. An engaging toy will catch your dog’s attention and they are less likely to pay attention to what’s going on around them. Treat dispensing toys work best in these kinds of situations.

Keep doors and windows closed

Keeping your doors and windows closed will block out most of the noise during fireworks. Your dog will not experience much stress if they are kept as far away as possible from the sound of fireworks.

You can also drown out the noise by turning up the volumes of your television or radio.

Make sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag

Dogs tend to wander away when they are stressed out by the noise of fireworks. They become restless and can get lost easily in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Make sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag at all times and also keep a recent photo of your dog with you. Make sure that the contact details in the ID tag are updated.

Behave as normally as possible

If you act strange around your dogs. If dogs detect something amiss in the way you behave their stress levels will climb several notches. They will become restless and stressed. In order to calm your dog, it is important to stay calm and composed yourself. Keep reassuring your dog and be with him as much as possible.

Get your dog used to the sound

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe during fireworks is to get them used to the sound of fireworks. Trying playing sound clips with fireworks and train your dog to be calm and obedient during this time. Slowly increase the volume and intensity of such sound clips and all the while encourage your dog to hold up his own. Remember to be firm but patient while training your dog,.

July 19, 2018
by Lynn Merton

Five alternatives to declawing that won’t hurt your cat

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Declawing is now accepted as a cruel and unnecessary practice. This procedure harms your cat. Scratching is any cat’s instinctive habit. The animal does not scratch to spite you. For your cat, it is a kind of exercise which assist it to stretch and release its pent-up energy. Scratching is the time your cat can shed loose layers from its claws. For you, scratching can be destructive and expensive as it destroys house furniture. Do not fret if your cat scratches furniture as this problem can be solved without declawing your cat.

Scratching post

Buy an attractive scratching post. Cats love to scratch the most expensive furniture piece if you allow them. Remember, their instinct is to scratch. Your cat will dig its claws into anything they get their paw on. A scratching post present inside the house will redirect your cat’s scratching habits towards a better and appropriate place. It is important that buy a scratching post which looks more attractive than your other furniture.

Trim cat’s claws

Trim your cat’s claws if you own an indoor cat. Felines who live inside houses have no natural enemies and thus have no requirement for sharp claws. Do know how to trim an animal’s claw before you start the process. In case you are not confident about your abilities, get the claws trimmed by a veterinarian or by hiring the services of a pet groomer.

Nail caps

You can fit nail caps over the claws of your kitty. A number of companies manufacture such products in a wide range of choices. There will be no scratching marks on your furniture if your cat wears nail caps. Do not be afraid- the nail caps will stop the claw’s outer layer from natural shedding. The nail cap will go away when the nail sheds its outer layer. You can shed the nail cap with nail shed. This product is sold in any pet store.

Deter your cat

Another excellent method is to deter your cat. As follows, allow your car to scratch only the scratching post. Introduce your cat to its brand new scratching post and while it investigates the new item, take a tin foil or double-sided tape to cover any undesirable spot. Your cat will feel uncomfortable the next time it tries to scratch the undesirable spot.

Feliway diffusers

You may have noticed that your cat scratches more if it is stressed. If you have two or more cats in your home, each cat will mark its own territory. These are done both visually and also with the scent glands situated in its paws. The Feliway diffusers are synthetic variants of the pheromone cats employ to mark spaces. These make them comfortable and safe. A Feliway diffuser will make your cat happy.

July 18, 2018
by Lynn Merton

Surprising Facts About Obesity In Dogs

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Having a pooch at home is one of the exciting things that can happen to you. But, it is also quite worrying at times.

Like humans, canines are vulnerable to a number of diseases that can reduce their already short lifespan. Some of the most common conditions that can affect your dog’s health is bone cancer, diabetes, heartworm, and obesity. Among these obesities is the most worrisome. Obesity can quickly put your dog at a risk for developing a number of unmanageable health issues.

Dogs, with their love for food are extremely prone to becoming obese. Loving owners find it hard to give in to their pleas for food and finally end up feeding their dogs way more than they should.

But owners, take heed. Do not fall for their pleas. Like all of us, dogs need a balanced diet, a proper eating schedule, and lots of exercise in order to make sure that they live a healthy, disease free life.

Here are some of the most surprising facts about obesity in dogs.

About 50 percent of the dogs in the U.S. are obese

This is not very surprising. Dogs love food and they are capable of doing anything to get their owners to feed them over and over again. In addition, a number of owners depend on commercial dog food. Some brands of dog food contain unhealthy fats and other ingredients that can cause your dog to put on weight quickly.

Add to this the fact that several owners do not take out their dogs for walks and the exercise they need. Combined, all these facts are responsible for obesity in dogs.

Human obesity is linked with pet obesity, according to studies

This holds a grain of truth to it. Naturally, when an owner is obese and prone to over eating, he or she is likely to feed scraps and grains from their food to their dogs. If the owner is addicted to junk food, then it is highly likely that their dog is getting fed the same foods. Anything and everything that can lead to human obesity can cause your dog to become obese as well. So dog owners, eat healthy and keep your pet healthy.

Dogs find it harder to lose weight humans

Each time a dog gains a pound, it is equivalent to a human gaining 5 pounds. It is easy to see why dogs find it much harder to lose weight than humans. On the other hand, when a dog starts to lose weight, although it is gradual, the change is significant.

Many dog owners do not actually realize that their dogs are overweight or obese. This is rather dangerous since if obesity is not caught in the early stages, it becomes harder to treat.

July 17, 2018
by Lynn Merton

When To Decide To Put Down Your Pet

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It is difficult to take the decision to end any life, let alone a companion who stood by you through thick and thin. You regard your pet as your family member and showered it all the love you give to your human near and dear ones. Sometimes, the love is even more. It is important to evaluate the quality of life enjoyed by your pet prior to making the crucial decision. A hasty yes may leave you feeling extreme regret and crushing guilt.

Professional opinion matters

You may consult a veterinarian to obtain an informed decision. The physician will make a dispassionate decision after examining your pet. The final decision, however, must be taken only by yourself, the owner of the animal.

It is time to put down your pet when the bad days are more than the good ones. If you love your pet, your antennae will be attuned to signals related to how your pet feels. Take a sheet of paper and chart the good days and the bad ones. The answer will help you to take a proper decision.

Quality of life

The pet must enjoy its life. The only justification to put down your pet is when it suffers its existence. This suffering manifests itself in the pet frequently soiling its living area. This is stressful not only for you but also for your pet. Other than the hygiene and cleanliness issue, there could be health risks like skin infections and rashes. The latter two happens when your pet sits on its own feces or urine or both. All these lead to a dramatic reduction in quality of life.

Your pet should enjoy fundamental activities like eating. It should have a normal appetite. The pet must enjoy interacting with humans. The animal must recognize you and other immediate family members. You should observe whether it can be mobile without much pain. If no, euthanasia is the only humane way forward.

It is perfectly okay to wake up one day and decide to put down your pet. Most people actually do this. Paradoxically, this method could bring peace to your mind. If you want, another member of your family could take the decision for you. Remember it is your pet who suffers- not you. Putting it down could be actually the only path to eliminate its pain.

Do not wait to euthanize your dog if you cannot tolerate its suffering. This is particularly true after the animal has suffered a long drawn out chronic illness. You have spent a lot of money, put your pet through multiple options, but with no result. It is now time to end its suffering once and for all.

July 16, 2018
by Lynn Merton

Common Misconceptions about Cats

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Cats are very interesting pets in that they are quite hard to read. They are rather mysterious and communication with cats can be very confusing. This is why it is very easy to form misconceptions about cats. Owners have a hard time figuring out whether their cats are happy or sad, healthy, or if they are in pain or discomfort.

It is important to realize most of the common beliefs about cats are not exactly valid and cat owners need to be aware of the truth behind such misconceptions so that they can ensure that their cats are in the best shape.

Here are some common misconceptions about cats and the truth behind them.

Cats, unlike dogs, do not need your undivided attention

This is not true. Sure, they are not as expressive as dogs, but it does not mean that they are not social. Cats are capable of forming very strong emotional bonds with their owners and just like a dog, a cat experiences loneliness and anxiety if separated from their owners for too long.

So, if you think that your cat prefers being alone, then it’s time to rethink. Make sure that your cat gets enough attention from you.

Cats land on their feet when they fall

This is far from true. Cats are definitely agiler than most pets but it does not mean that they fall on their feet every time. If cats fall the wrong way or from heights, they will injure themselves and are prone to sprains and fractures. You need to make sure that the windows at your home are properly closed and sealed. Make sure that your cat does not have any wiggle room near these windows, especially if you are planning to leave them alone at home.

Female cats need to give birth before being spayed

The truth is that female cats do not need to give birth before spaying because getting pregnant and giving birth is more stressful for a cat than being spayed. Cats that are spayed are less likely to develop ovarian cancers and mammary cysts.

Pregnancy can take a toll on your cat’s body and it is better to avoid it from the start.

Cats cannot be trained like dogs

Obviously, you cannot expect your feline friend to fetch and jump through hoops but cats can be trained in very subtle ways. Many cat owners train their cats using clickers and treats. Just like in the case of dogs, cats tend to pick up tricks faster if they are trained at a young age. Remember, it requires a lot of patience and time, but in due course, your cat will become capable of performing a few nifty tricks.