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May 21, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Why Cats hate to Bathe in the Sea

Image Credits: Pixabay

Majority of cats hate water as if their lives depend on it. The cause behind such hate could be both biological and behavioral. Do keep in mind that some cats actually love to dunk themselves in the waves. Many cat owners have seen their felines rushing towards the water and playing with it. It can be surmised that those cats are not attracted towards the water but of the sparkle when sunlight falls on the sea. Cats love shiny things, and water is not an exception.

Reasons to hate sea baths

A number of reasons exist as to why cats dislike water so much. Felines do not like changes in their environment and are less accepting of them. To a cat, the constant ebb and flow of the sea makes it a dangerous and unstable place to be in. However, if a cat has encountered the sea from the time it was a kitten could be much more accepting towards it. It also does not help that cats are by nature fastidious creatures. Most of their time is spent in grooming themselves. It is apparent that cats may not like anything which does not smell “normal.” No wonder they hate the sea. Each wave brings in new objects-and new smells- which must be cleaned off before they could resume their quality of life.

Cats may hate to bathe in the sea due to biological reasons too. Although cats love to eat fish, they are land-based animals and are descendants of felines who lived in dry and arid places. There was no requirement for cats to learn to swim as there was no evolutionary need for them to do so. This lack of swimming behavior has stayed in modern-day kitties. This is why you must never force your furball to swim if it does not like to do so.

Bathing your cat

There will be times, however, when you feel the need to bathe your cat. Keep in mind that there is no reason for you to bath your cat. Some cats must be given a bath for medical reasons and also if they cannot clean by themselves, like senior or sick cats. You can give your kitty a bath through using a few techniques which will make the process much less painful for the cat.

To bathe your cat, take a tub and fill it with water. The cat must not be in the vicinity during this time. The sound of water flow and splashing will make your kitty afraid. Take a folded towel and line the tub with it. This towel is something the cat could grip into. This is important as felines are afraid of slippery tub floors. Take a container full of water and pour it over your kitty.

May 17, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Why Buy Cat Wheels?

Image Credits: Pixabay

Like you, cats need daily exercise to be in excellent shape. The cat exercise wheel ensures that even an indoor cat gets sufficient exercise whether you are at home or away from it. Cat owners who have purchased the wheel have reported both physical and mental improvement in their cats. When you buy an exercise wheel for your cat, the kitty enjoys a lot of benefits.

Increase metabolism, reduce stress.

The first to improve is the metabolism of the animal. The car’s muscle movement and strength improved as well. This is as the equipment makes the cat’s muscles work. The activity burns excess calories keeping your kitty healthy. It is well known that a physically active cat becomes better both physically and mentally. Regular exercise of the cat will lead to a jump in the feline metabolic rate. This will burn an increased amount of calories. The cat will not only lose any excess weight but also avoid diseases. Furthermore, the presence of a cat wheel increases the animal’s life expectancy. The exercise which happens when the cat runs on the wheel, plays a vital role in building strong muscles and maintaining them. The bones of your cat will also improve. High impact exercise like the cat wheel leads to increased bone density for the cat. It will be fitter and much less susceptible to injury. All of this will contribute to a longer lifespan for your cat.

The cat exercise wheel reduces stress in your kitty. You will observe a much better mood in your cat. The animal will suffer less from anxiety and depression. The presence of the cat wheel makes your kitty exercise every day. The physical exercise reduces pent-up energy. It will eliminate anxiety and stress. The cat wil be much more calm and hence relaxed. Periodic exercise reduces fatigue for the kitty. It will assist the cat to sleep for an extended time and thus the animal will enjoy sufficient amount of rest. An absence of exercise means persistent fatigue for the cat and it may also suffer from a number of serious illnesses. The cat will then be depressed and bored.

Better life longevity

A fit cat doing regular exercise enjoys reduced chances of respiratory disease and heart linked complications. There is no need for intense exercise, just the correct amount for gaining fast metabolism and the burning of more significant amounts of calories every day. A cat not doing much exercise may turn into an obese animal. The exercise wheel assists to maintain muscle mass and promote loss of weight by building strong bones. It also works wonders in managing arthritis. Exercising your cat now will save you considerable money and time in the long run. There will be fewer veterinary visits.

May 16, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Train Your Dog to Bring Groceries

Image Credits: Pixabay

It would be great if someone is there to help you with the groceries. You have without a doubt seen videos where a trained dog obediently helps its human family to shop by carrying what they purchased. Yes, you can train your dog to do so. It will patiently wait for you to give it your parcels. The fun part is that a majority of dogs would actually like you to help in such a task. Your only concern should be whether your dog is sufficiently big to carry your grocery bag.

When your dog learns this trick, not only you and your dog will be happy, but your neighbors as well. Watch their jaw drop the first time they see your dog carrying your groceries. The best feature is that the dog will enjoy it so much that it will insist on carrying bags everywhere and anytime!

Defining tasks

You must define the tasks to your dog before you start the training. The task itself is a sequential one. Your dog must come out of the car and run to you. It then accepts the grocery bag and carries them all the way to the house. It is a simple course of action and depends on the previous training of the dog. The breed of the dog is vital in this context. Many consider training your dog in this context an important one. You are teaching your dog “responsibility” and it is contributing to the family. It is vital that the dog must have reached the age to carry the bag without dragging it on the ground. It must also be able to hold the grocery bag comfortably in its mouth.


You must gather a few things before training your dog to carry groceries. Treats are the most important of all; no training can be complete without giving your dog its favorite treat. You also need lots of patience and a quiet environment to conduct the training. There are several methods to train the dog. The most popular is one can each time method. To impart this kind of training, place the leash on the dog and then lead it to the back of the vehicle. Hold the shopping bag at its nose level and encourage the canine to take the bag in its mouth. Give it a treat when it does. Do not forget to praise your dog.

Add a food can to the bag and allow the dog some time to get it used to the new weight. Use the leash to encourage the dog to follow you while carrying the bag. When it does, give it a treat and also praise. Repeat the process until the dog carries groceries into the home.

May 15, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Things You Must do for Your Senior Cat Before Going for a Vacation

Image credits: Pixabay

You work hard, and you desperately need a vacation. Your senior cat, however, poses a problem. It is too old to be taken everywhere, and you have thus decided to keep the cat at home while you go away for a few days. Before you lock the door, it is essential to take a few steps to ensure that both your senior cat and you have a lovely time.

Appoint a petsitter

Remove all plants before you leave the house. A majority of house-plants are toxic to your cat if it chews or eats them. Unplug all electrical appliances and cords which can be reached by the cat. Remove the light bulbs from table lamps. Do not leave the senior cat to its wits. Appoint a pet sitter to visit the house every day. Give the person the house key before you go. Ask the person to play with the kitty time-to-time. Cats do get sad when they are lonely. Ask the petsitter to send you daily status reports. This ensures that both the cat and the petsitter are alright. Do not forget to give that person your cell phone number to call in-case of emergencies. It is a good idea to give a spare key to a trusted friend. If the petsitter suddenly vanishes or falls sick and cannot take care of the cat, your friend can pitch in.

Partially open doors and food

Ensure that all doors except the main one remain partially open. Put a towel in the closing arc to ensure this. Your senior cat may close the door by accident if you do not do so. Cats cannot tolerate being locked up inside a room. It will then make a mess if there is no litter box present inside that enclosed space. Before you go away, set up a minimum of two water dispensers. This is as water from a standard water bowl quickly evaporates, and it is essential to have one for back-up if the kitty knocks over one dispenser. The water in the dispenser must be sufficiently big to stay the time of your vacation. The water must last even if the petsitter fails to come to the house and your friend cannot visit the place.

Take a particular dry food your cat does not like and keep it somewhere. Your senior cat will eat it only as a last resort if no other food is available. This food will become its snack if the pet sitter is absent. Do set up a motion activated webcam next to the water dispensers and the litter box. You will then have a visual confirmation that your cat is fine. As long as the cat drinks and poops, it is in perfect health. You can also see the activities of your appointed pet sitter.

May 14, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Taking Care of a Daschund

Image Credits: Pixabay

Daschunds are a distinct dog breed characterized by a longer back and shorter legs when compared to most dogs. This breed is originally German and was initially used for hunting. A Daschund has many special needs and is prone to several diseases like the intervertebral disc disease. As an owner, it is your responsibility to help your Daschund to gain and hold a healthy weight and grooming the animal. You must also teach it good habits.

IVDD and how to hold the dog

Daschunds are vulnerable yo intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). The IVDD involves the bulging out or bursting of the vertebrae, placing stress on the structure. An IVDD afflicted dog will suffer immense pain and bladder control problems. Paralysis may also occur as a worst-case scenario. You must take a few precautions to stop this happening to your dog. Try to recognize all the IVDD symptoms so that you can refer the animal to the veterinarian immediately if you see them. The first sign of IVDD trouble is when the dog does not walk or run as much as it used to. A dog saddled with such a condition cannot stand properly and will cry out in pain. There will also be a noticeable change in behavior, like being nervous and acting strange. It will eat less and lose control over its bowels or bladder or both.

It is good practice to know how to hold the dachshund. It is important to keep the dog in the correct way as to protect its back. If you want to lift it up, place one hand under his belly and the other to support the dog’s rear. Do not carry your dog in one hand.

Maintaining weight

It is important that your Daschund must maintain its proper weight. There will be a higher chance of IVDD if it gains more weight. It is crucial that you feed the appropriate dog nutrition and assist it to get Zadequate amount of exercise. The thumb rule of finding out whether your Daschund is of proper weight is to stand over the dog and look down. In case you can see the dog’s ribs, the canine is thin, and it needs more nutrition. Healthy weight is that when you cannot see the ribs but can feel them just below the skin — overweight means you can neither see or feel the ribs. The Daschund must have a tapered waist and not a hang-down belly. Talk to the veterinarian if you are in doubt. The medical professional will tell you the exact quantity of food to give to your dog. Do walk the Daschund and try to play with it every day. Do not provide excess treats to your dog. Do feed the dog weight maintenance food if it has excess weight.