10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat


Image Source: Pixabay

Cats can be tricky to take care of. They are complicated pets that seem pretty self-sufficient. They communicate differently than other pets. They become incredibly shy when communicating their feelings and they have a totally different language that you probably don’t understand. The most important thing you can provide your cat with is love.

There are some things that you should absolutely avoid doing to your cat at all costs. When you do something wrong – even subconsciously, your cat can become distant, disinterested, and even frightened of people! Although different cats need different types of care, here are 10 things that you should absolutely never do to any cat ever.

  1. Skip Out On Flea Treatment

    Fleas can easily find a way inside your house and be a bother for your cat. Whether it was brought in by a friend’s dog who came for a visit, or by you after a hike, a flea infestation is no joke. It’s easy to keep your cat free of fleas and ticks nowadays. There are many products available to this effect.

  2. Let Her Wander Outside Without Supervision

    There is a very good chance that she might wander off into traffic. If you want her to explore the great outdoors, then make sure to keep your eye on her. Keep her close for your peace-of-mind as well as hers.

  3. Leave The Window Open

    Open windows pose a very real danger. You don’t want your cat to follow a bee out the window, and crash to the ground. Protect your cat in the small ways that you can. When opening your windows, make sure it’s left open at a kitty safe level (about an inch.)

  4. Forget Visits To The Vet

    Although she may seem healthy, she needs regular checkups. Cats are master concealers of subtle problems and only a proper health check can reveal what problems are lurking behind the seemingly healthy feline demeanor.

  5. Expose Her To Second-Hand Smoke

    Exposing any living creature to second-hand smoke is bad. You may be causing your cat long-term health issues like numerous lung diseases and even cancer.

  6. Drive With Her On Your Lap

    Although most cats hate carriers, driving with an unsupervised cat can be disastrous for both you and her. So next time you go on a road trip, use a cat carrier!

  7. Throw Her

    As was previously mentioned, cats are curious in nature. Every now and then, they might poke their nose where it doesn’t belong. That doesn’t give you the right to toss her like a Frisbee. It doesn’t just damage her body, it also damages her spirit. Take care to treat her gently.

  8. Forget Brushing

    Never skip brushing. Dental problems are a serious issue. The buildup of plaque can eventually lead to tooth loss. Keep her gums healthy by cleaning her teeth every few times a week.

  9. Ignore Hairballs

    Since cats usually care for themselves, the occasional hairballs are no surprise. If you help her with grooming, then the amount of hair and dead skin cells she ingests can be greatly reduced.

  10. Leave Her In The Dark

    The darkness can bring about feelings of abandonment. Never leave your cat where there is no light.