7 Reasons to Adopt Your Next Dog



Phoenix, my shelter dog

As pet parents of adopted shelter dogs ourselves, many here at PetCareRx appreciate just how a life can change when you adopt a dog. We know that our shelter pups have brought positive change to our lives, and there’s no denying how our dogs feel about it, either! In celebration of Adopt a Dog Month, here are 7 great reasons to adopt a shelter dog:

1. You Get to Save a Life — Or Several

The Humane Society estimates that 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the US. There are simply too many pets out there already and not enough people to properly care for them. By rescuing a dog, you give one pet a new home and potentially free up some room at a shelter for another pet to take, helping them find their forever home, too. Also, by spaying or neutering your pet, you’re ensuring that you won’t contribute to the growing number of homeless pets, either.

2. You Won’t Support Backyard Breeding

Sadly, many pet store and online pet sales can come from puppy mills or other unsafe and inhumane breeding operations. By being careful about where your pet comes from, you won’t accidentally support an industry based on neglect and greed.

3. Your New Dog’s Needs Won’t Be a Hidden Factor

You might fall in love at first sight with a puppy, but you may not know just how big this guy will grow, or what kinds of behaviors might crop up. Shelter dogs are often adults or senior pets who are done growing, and whose medical and behavioral needs are already known by the shelter staff.

4. You Can Often Skip the Housetraining…

Most shelter pets are already housebroken, so you won’t have to invest so much time and energy into this type of training — or cleaning up.

5. …And Lots of Other Training as Well

Pets who’ve lost their home and ended up in a shelter probably already know “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and of course, their name. Plus, shelter dogs have already been exposed to loud, crowded areas and plenty of other dogs. They likely won’t get too excitable at the dog park, saving you some training and socializing time. This can be a great option for pet lovers who want companionship and want to help a pet in need, but don’t necessarily have the time to teach a puppy every in and out.

6. You Might Just See the Gratefulness

Many pet parents of rescued dogs comment on just how loving, devoted, and grateful their pets seem. Whether we’re projecting these feelings or not, there’s no denying a dog’s unconditional love.

7. You’ll Pass on the Kindness

Shelter dogs and mutts are a conversation starter. A neighbor asking “what kind of dog is that?” becomes a moment to talk about the amazingness of mixed breed dogs and rescues.

Plus, if you have children (or nieces, or nephews, or cousins…) in your family, you’re setting a great example by showing them all that shelter dogs have to give.

What do you love most about your shelter dog?

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