Beat the Winter Blues with Your Dog

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Piles of snow on your usual walking route? Cold air making your dog’s joints achy?

Winter can certainly bring some blues to your pet-play schedule, but it can also be a season full of new kinds of fun.

Here are the best ways to beat the winter blues with your dog and get on to frolicking in the snow and then cuddling by the fireplace.

Eat Right: Check out the top 5 tips for winter nutrition for dogs, and learn how a little chicken broth (unsalted) can help your dog keep on the weight they need to stay warm while playing in the wintertime.

Loosen Up with Supplements: Cold air can mean stiffer joints for dogs suffering from arthritis. Look into giving your dog glucosamine or chondroitin supplements, which can help prevent the degeneration of cartilage in their joints.

Play More: Take a look at these 7 easy ways to exercise your dog in cold weather, and find out what the best fetch-in-the-snow toys are and what “skijoring” is.

With a little creativity, winter can be your new favorite time with your dog.