Bulldog Takes First Steps on New Legs, Plays With Blind Pig BFF


West Coast Brace and Limb, a clinic in Tampa, FL, is used to helping patients get their mobility back through prosthetics and braces, but they’d never fitted a dog before.

Spencer the two-year-old Bulldog was found on his new pet parents’ doorstep, his back legs paralyzed, possibly from abuse. Because he can’t move around well on his own, Spencer had never been out for a walk, or been able to play.

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The clinic took on the challenge of fitting their first dog ever with braces, hoping they’d allow Spencer to be able to walk on his own.

Newly fitted with braces and bright green crocs, Spencer took off, running around the clinic so much he had to stop for water.

After such a success, he headed home, to run and play for the first time with his brother, Porkchop, a blind pig. Says his pet parent, Linda Heinz, “He’s the happiest creature you’ll ever meet!”


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