Don’t Let Your Cat Get Fleas This Summer



Did you know cats can be just as susceptible to fleas as dogs?

They can, and they can certainly suffer just as much as dogs do from fleas. Fleas are pretty gross — biting and sucking blood — and they can also transmit diseases like tapeworm.

Even indoor cats can catch fleas — either from a dog in the house, or just from fleas hitching a ride indoors on someone’s shoes. The truth is fleas are present all over the country. So what’s the best flea medicine for cats? Here are some options:

Flea collars: Most flea collars on the market are best used to treat cats once they have a flea infestation, but a new flea collar, Seresto, is also a preventative that keeps working for 8 months.

Oral flea medications: Oral flea medications are pills that you give to your pet to eat or swallow. These usually work as one month preventatives, though some flea pills are meant for treating a current problem.

Spot on flea treatments: Spot ons, or topicals, have to be applied to your pet’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. Find out how to apply these preventative medicines.