Filling those Holiday Stockings with Love (and Tasty Treats)


As far as holiday traditions go, few are more endearing or warmly received than the holiday stocking. Not only is a stocking innately stuffable (and stockings seem to get bigger every year!) but it also makes a statement, sitting above the hearth or near the tree, that every member of the family is cared for and in your thoughts.

Well, lots of pet parents consider dogs and cats part of the family, and a part of the happiness and festivities of the holiday season.

There are so many great options to fill your pet’s Customized Holiday Paw Stocking!

If you’re looking for a toy that is as fun for you as it is for your pooch consider getting some Fat Cat Dog Toy Rings.

If snacks are more of your pet’s thing then bring the fun with delicious Greenies Pill Pockets for dogs and cats.

And if you’re convinced your dog was a runway model in a previous life maybe a sharp sweater is the way to go. Check out this Doggy University sweater.

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