Get Safer for National Pet ID Week


National Pet Identification Week is a big deal for pet parents. Your curious cats and dogs are not impervious to wandering off and losing their way. The ASPCA recently found that only one-third of pet parents put tags on their loved ones. We can do better than that!

We are always told to plan for the worst when it comes to our family and our home, and rightly so. A little bit of preparation in the form of a thoughtful first aid kit, some extra canned food, or an evacuation plan can make a big difference.

Easy, and So Effective

Putting an ID collar on your pet is the single best way to ensure their safety when they get lost or separated from you.

Microchips are becoming more popular as an electronic method of keeping track of your pet, but don’t forget that a good, old-fashioned ID and collar can serve a very similar purpose. The important thing is to allow helpful bystanders or trusted organizations like humane societies in your area to get the information that will help them return your lost pet.

We know how much time you spend caring for your dogs and cats and loving them. Don’t forget to take this simple step to help ensure their safety. Now go out and enjoy some time with your dog at the off-leash park, and don’t worry about a thing.

PLUS – Want to see something truly heartwarming? Check out this video on of a dog who finds his way home!

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