Help Pets Affected by Colorado Flooding



Disastrous flooding in Colorado along a 150-mile stretch of the state’s Front Range, both north and south of Denver, has caused 3 human deaths and thousands of evacuations.

As always, pets are just affected by disasters as their people. Here’s how you can help.

Humane Society of Boulder is accepting small animals

Get help: Head to the Humane Society at 2323 55th Street, or contact 303-441-3333 even after they close for emergency dispatch.

Help out: They’re accepting donations online to offset their costs.

Longmont Humane Society is accepting small animals

Get help: As Longmont areas are flooded, only attempt to get to the shelter if you have safe access. They’re at 9595 Nelson Road, and suggest that “for animal evacuation assistance or for more information please call Longmont Animal Control at 303-651-8500.”

Help out: Donate to help care for the animals in needs.

Douglas County Fairgrounds at Castle Rock is accepting large animals

Get help: Residents with large animals should take them to Douglas County Fairgrounds, 500 Fairgrounds Road.

Need more info?

Follow flood news by location with The Denver Post.

Have info to share? Send it to ksherbo (at) petcarerx (dot) com.

Need to evacuate?

Double check against our Pet Disaster Preparedness list and read FEMA’s recommendations for what to do if you simply must leave your pet.