Cat Cost, Dog Cost – How Much Do Pets Cost?


You probably feel a bit of a pinch to your wallet when you add pet food or pet supplies to your grocery cart, but did you know that cats and dogs can cost well over $10,000 in their lifetime?

We’ve done the math, and there’s no denying our beloved pets can come with a hefty price tag over the years for food, veterinary care, and even the toys and treats we like to splurge on. Just how much can they cost?

Caring for a dog costs 15% more than it did 5 years ago


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Caring for a cat costs 28% more than it did 5 years ago


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Budgeting for These Costs

What can a loving pet parent do to keep providing the best care while also watching that bottom line? Here are 11 Ways to Save Money on Pets.

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