It’s 9am, Do You Know What Your Dog’s Watching?

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If there were a TV channel you could put on while you’re out for the day, and it would keep your dog relaxed, intrigued, and comfortable, would you get it?

Well, such a thing exists — DOGTV debuted this August, and with “three types of programming” for dogs, it claims to meet their relaxation and stimulation needs for the day, as well as expose them to “to different day-to-day stimuli” designed to make them more comfortable and less anxious.

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Does it sound too good to be true?

Backed by pet experts like Prof. Nicholas Dodman, Program Director of the Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts University, MA, and Victoria Stilwell of “It’s Me or the Dog” fame, it’s pretty clear DOGTV’s heart is in the right place. As for the science, they say:

  • Through years of research, special content was created to meet the specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing.
  • DOGTV’s programming meets a dog’s typical daily cycle and helps prevent mental fatigue, depression and boredom.

Judge for Yourself

Here’s a DOGTV program for relaxation:

And here are some dogs watching it:

Would You Try Tv for Your Dog?

Clearly, there’s no substitute for daily love, play, walks, and training. But when you have to leave your pet home alone, what options do you find help keep them calm? Have you tried DOGTV?

Tell us in the comments below!