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May 15, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Things You Must do for Your Senior Cat Before Going for a Vacation

Image credits: Pixabay

You work hard, and you desperately need a vacation. Your senior cat, however, poses a problem. It is too old to be taken everywhere, and you have thus decided to keep the cat at home while you go away for a few days. Before you lock the door, it is essential to take a few steps to ensure that both your senior cat and you have a lovely time.

Appoint a petsitter

Remove all plants before you leave the house. A majority of house-plants are toxic to your cat if it chews or eats them. Unplug all electrical appliances and cords which can be reached by the cat. Remove the light bulbs from table lamps. Do not leave the senior cat to its wits. Appoint a pet sitter to visit the house every day. Give the person the house key before you go. Ask the person to play with the kitty time-to-time. Cats do get sad when they are lonely. Ask the petsitter to send you daily status reports. This ensures that both the cat and the petsitter are alright. Do not forget to give that person your cell phone number to call in-case of emergencies. It is a good idea to give a spare key to a trusted friend. If the petsitter suddenly vanishes or falls sick and cannot take care of the cat, your friend can pitch in.

Partially open doors and food

Ensure that all doors except the main one remain partially open. Put a towel in the closing arc to ensure this. Your senior cat may close the door by accident if you do not do so. Cats cannot tolerate being locked up inside a room. It will then make a mess if there is no litter box present inside that enclosed space. Before you go away, set up a minimum of two water dispensers. This is as water from a standard water bowl quickly evaporates, and it is essential to have one for back-up if the kitty knocks over one dispenser. The water in the dispenser must be sufficiently big to stay the time of your vacation. The water must last even if the petsitter fails to come to the house and your friend cannot visit the place.

Take a particular dry food your cat does not like and keep it somewhere. Your senior cat will eat it only as a last resort if no other food is available. This food will become its snack if the pet sitter is absent. Do set up a motion activated webcam next to the water dispensers and the litter box. You will then have a visual confirmation that your cat is fine. As long as the cat drinks and poops, it is in perfect health. You can also see the activities of your appointed pet sitter.

May 14, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Taking Care of a Daschund

Image Credits: Pixabay

Daschunds are a distinct dog breed characterized by a longer back and shorter legs when compared to most dogs. This breed is originally German and was initially used for hunting. A Daschund has many special needs and is prone to several diseases like the intervertebral disc disease. As an owner, it is your responsibility to help your Daschund to gain and hold a healthy weight and grooming the animal. You must also teach it good habits.

IVDD and how to hold the dog

Daschunds are vulnerable yo intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). The IVDD involves the bulging out or bursting of the vertebrae, placing stress on the structure. An IVDD afflicted dog will suffer immense pain and bladder control problems. Paralysis may also occur as a worst-case scenario. You must take a few precautions to stop this happening to your dog. Try to recognize all the IVDD symptoms so that you can refer the animal to the veterinarian immediately if you see them. The first sign of IVDD trouble is when the dog does not walk or run as much as it used to. A dog saddled with such a condition cannot stand properly and will cry out in pain. There will also be a noticeable change in behavior, like being nervous and acting strange. It will eat less and lose control over its bowels or bladder or both.

It is good practice to know how to hold the dachshund. It is important to keep the dog in the correct way as to protect its back. If you want to lift it up, place one hand under his belly and the other to support the dog’s rear. Do not carry your dog in one hand.

Maintaining weight

It is important that your Daschund must maintain its proper weight. There will be a higher chance of IVDD if it gains more weight. It is crucial that you feed the appropriate dog nutrition and assist it to get Zadequate amount of exercise. The thumb rule of finding out whether your Daschund is of proper weight is to stand over the dog and look down. In case you can see the dog’s ribs, the canine is thin, and it needs more nutrition. Healthy weight is that when you cannot see the ribs but can feel them just below the skin — overweight means you can neither see or feel the ribs. The Daschund must have a tapered waist and not a hang-down belly. Talk to the veterinarian if you are in doubt. The medical professional will tell you the exact quantity of food to give to your dog. Do walk the Daschund and try to play with it every day. Do not provide excess treats to your dog. Do feed the dog weight maintenance food if it has excess weight.

May 13, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Should You Buy a Springer Spaniel?

The English Springer Spaniel breed of dog was developed as a gun dog to spring or flush out game from fields. This breed makes a popular companion. The dogs are not only versatile and immensely athletic, but it also scores high marks in tracking and hunt tests. This canine is obedient and makes an excellent companion for camping and hiking.


English Springer Spaniels are medium-sized animals with a gentle expression. They have drop ears. A dense and medium length coat adorn their compact body. The body hair is longer on the animal’s ears, belly, chest, and legs. They wag their tails when happy. The body is longer than how much tall they are but not much. This is as they are bred for hunting and a longer dog will tire quickly.

Image Credits: Pixabay

The English Springer Spaniel is a lively and beautiful dog. This breed makes for wonderful family companions if you give them the exercise and training they need. The dogs are smart and enthusiastic. They want to make their owners happy and have an endearing sense of humor. Springer Spaniels gel well with children if they are acquainted with humans from puppyhood. They get well with other household pets. The only exception is birds as the dogs view them as prey. Remember they are bred to do exactly so.

Hunting and exercise

Since the English Spaniel Springer is a hunting dog, you must give your dog ample amounts of exercise. It is important to leash them when you place them in unfenced areas as they can go hunting on their own. Many owners who do not hunt but have Springer Spaniels make their canines participate in various activities like agility and obedience competitions. Other than superlative trackers, these dogs make excellent therapy dogs, suitable for people who spend their time in nursing homes and hospitals.

Do not adopt Springer Spaniels if you want a guard dog. Although they will bark when they see a stranger, their gentle and loving nature will make them crave attention from complete strangers. This dog breed is people-oriented and not a one-person canine. You should not leave the Springer Spaniel alone in the house for a more extended period of time. Isolation is not suitable for the mental health of such a breed of dogs.

Before you finally decide to take a Springer Spaniel home, remember this breed hates to be alone and could become nuisance barkers in-case, they find themselves isolated. Although these dogs are of even temperament, there are several recent reports where dogs of this breed are reputed to be too aggressive or too submissive. This, of course, depends on the owner. Do not be such kind of owner who would hurt a dog.

May 10, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Stinking Cats

The best advantage of owning a cat is the animal’s low maintenance aspect. All you need to do is to clean out the litterbox once a day. That’s all (other than the affection of course). However, there are those rare times when your cat, the normally groom crazy animal, develop skin issues which result in the feline smelling bad.

No grooming

If your cat suddenly begins to smell bad, then it is time to take it to the veterinarian. There could be many causes as to why a cat could develop odors like infection, fur issues, mouth issues, old age, and illness. Some such problems could be corrected, and this means you must give your furball some extra care.  Illness is the most frequent cause of your cat smelling bad. It could be possible that the disease makes the cat too tired to groom itself. There is also the possibility that the illness itself could make the animal smelly. Examine the cat for other tell-tale signs. The animal could have lost weight, and its eating has become erratic.

Infection and mouth issues

Infection is another reason for a cat to smell bad. An infection can hide for long under the thick fur. The fur may hide wounds or injuries. You should check the feline carefully searching for tender spots. Do check its body for fleas. A flea bite could turn into a scaly sore which may smell bad. In case your cat suffers from an infection, the animal most likely needs an antibiotic issued by any licensed vet. It will help to clear the infection.

The cat may smell due to tooth or mouth issues as well. This is particularly applicable for older cats which have bad breath. This affects their saliva quality. It means when the older cat grooms itself, the bad odor of the saliva from its mouth transfers to the thick coat, making the animal a bad smelling one. If you have multiple cats, and the affected cat grooms its companions, the other cats will also smell bad. You must examine the mouth of your cat and determine whether its bad breath is the cause. Bad breath is generally due to decay of a tooth or could be a chronic illness sign like kidney failure. This issue entails a visit to the veterinarian for either a tooth being extracted and subsequently being cleaned or assists the kitty in coping with kidney function loss. If tooth decay was the problem, change the normal cat food and go upmarket to buy quality cat food. It is crucial to make sure that the cat either gets treats or dry cat food every day. This dry food assists in cleaning the mouth and the teeth. The more expensive cat foods contain reduced amounts of sugar and additives which cause tooth decay.

May 9, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Should You Kiss Your Cat?

Image Credits: Pixabay

It is common sense that you should never kiss your cat on its mouth. There is more than an even chance that doing so may make you fall sick. The worst-case scenario includes you dying. The presence of pathogens like viruses and bacteria also means it is unwise to allow your cat to share your bed when you sleep. These pathogens are deadly when transmitted to humans. They will not go fully even if you give your kitty a thorough wash.

Greater chance of being infected

The rising ownership of cats among the urban population has only increased the risks. There are now more interactions between animals and their owners. Other humans, like passersby who were attracted by a cute cat, and touches the animal, could also be affected. A common feline disease transmitted by kissing the cat is Corynebacterium ulcerans. This disease is common among humans who care for stray cats. The pathogen gets transmitted to humans when the animal sneezes. The results is a sore throat or cough or any other cold-like symptoms. There could be breathing difficulties or something much more complicated. This is why you should never approach a cat with a runny nose.

Many infected diseases could be transmitted from animals to humans. These infections have a term: zoonoses. The biting of a cat infected with thrombocytopenia syndrome or SFTS could cause death. The felines get this infection from an unfortunate hard tick bike. People close to their pets have a higher chance of suffering from infections. Pasteurellosis is a common zoonose. Almost 95% of cats have this horrible bacterium inside their mouths. When this zoonose infects a human, the result will be aching and swelling. There will also be coughing and fever, and other cold-like symptoms — the worst cases involve sepsis and meningitis. Death may happen in severe cases.

Antimicrobial drugs The good news is that it is possible to cure zoonoses with antimicrobial drugs. Although cats may remain unaffected by the pathogens, humans, who come near the affected animal develop symptoms which are like a common cold. This makes it much harder for doctors to diagnose the infection. The result? Treatment of the disease comes much later. Almost every pet owner or those who live near pets are vulnerable as the animals carry pathogens. Any veterinarian would recommend that you should not kiss your pet on its mouth or near it. The same advice can be applied when you want your furball to sleep with you on your bed- do not do it. Place the cat in its designated room and close the door. You need a good night’s sleep-which the presence of the cat cannot provide you. Regularly trim your pet’s nails and quickly dispose off the cat’s urine and feces.