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July 8, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Adopt Retired Police Dogs

Image Credits: Pixabay

Similar to human police officers, dogs working for the police also must retire at a certain age. Healthy police dogs are retired when they reach nine years of age. Most of these dogs usually retire and live until the end of their lives with their respective handlers. In rare cases, a police dog is advertised for adoption. Do note that if you want to adopt a retired police dog, do be prepared to do much more hard work compared to adopting an ordinary pet dog. The police will not automatically give the dog to anyone who asks for the animal. Since the canine has special training, the police will give the dog only to those who are capable of handling the animal. The person who will adopt the dog will be screened for desirable characteristics.

Adoption procedures

If you have made up your mind to adopt a police dog, then call or visit the local police station and inform them about your intention to adopt a dog which has previously served in law enforcement. Even if the concerned police station does not directly manage the adoption, the unit can point you in the right direction. The best way to go about is to contact the K9 facilities used in training the dogs directly. As most dogs stay with their handlers after they retire, be prepared for a long wait. Your name will in probability be at the end of a long queue.                                    

Meeting the requirements

To obtain a requirement list from the K9 adoption agency or from the police station. Ensure that your residence exceeds or at least satisfies basic needs to adopt a former police canine. Be aware that the police will send an inspection team to your home when a dog is up for adoption. It is important that all members of the household be present during the inspection. A majority of specialist adoption agencies interview all family members before they give their consent to give the dog. If it is possible, have a veterinarian present to highlight you and your family in the best possible light. It is better that you have previous pet experience, especially with dogs. Prior experience with canines is a big plus. It is recommended that the retired police dog should be the only pet in the home. Most specialist agencies with K9 adoption experience will not allow a former police dog to stay in a home that already has a cat. If the K9 agency says yes, then your house must have a fenced in yard to keep the animal safe.

If you live in a rented home, then you require the written permission of your landlord to keep the dog in the house.

July 5, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Safe soaps to be applied on cats

Image Credits: Pixabay

Cats do not like to take baths. This is as felines like to clean each themselves or each other without the help of water and soap. Kitties need minimal grooming. There are, however, some instances when you must take your cat to its bath even if the animal does not like it, A spot of soapy water will make your kitty clean, taking away not only the grime but also dangerous substances stuck in the coat. This is why it is vital to select a good soap which have ingredients that can be safely used on feline bodies.

Special soaps

The easiest way to deal with the soap problem is to buy a soap specially formulated for cats. These shampoos are made in accordance with a special formula which keeps the coat and skin of the cat moisturized and clean. The soaps have a balanced pH which will not dry out the feline skin. In case you use a flea shampoo, do follow the instructions laid out by the manufacturer. Do not use it just born or a month old kitties or pregnant cats. It must not also be used on nursing mother cats. This is as the insecticides such shampoos contain may harm the animals. It is important that you consult the veterinarian first in such cases. Whatever you do, never use dog shampoo/soap on your cat. Canine shampoos may contain ingredients like essential oils, fragrances, and insecticides, which are harmful to cats.

Beware of essential oil

It is good to remember that for cats, natural soaps may not be the better ones. Most natural shampoos and soaps have essential oils extracted from plants to scent them. These oils are dangerous for cats. The reality is that essential oils are actually toxic to cats. This is as the liver of the cat does not generate the enzyme required for metabolizing these walls. Since the skin easily absorbs essential oils, it the best way is to stay away from such compounds. A few essential oils have phenolic compounds and phenols, which could be harmful to kitties. Examples of these oils are pine oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon oil, and peppermint oil. All these oils are extremely toxic to the kitty.

If the cat gets exposed to essential oils, the animal may experience many symptoms like vomiting, shakiness, drooling and low body temperature. There may also be liver failure. If you observe any of such symptoms, take the feline to the veterinary clinic. If you do not have cat special shampoo, you can use baby shampoo for humans or an unscented, gentle one. These kinds of cleaning compounds are nearer to alkaline pH or neutral pH compared to adult shampoos. This makes it much better for the cat whose skin is a little more alkaline compared to human skin.                                                                                          

July 4, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Making cat bow ties

Image Credits: Pixabay

Cool people look best with cool cats. There is nothing cooler than a cat wearing a bow tie on Halloween or special dress-up photographs. A bow tie of a cat is a simple version of the standard bow tie cut down to its size. Your cat will look much smarter when it is wearing a bow tie. Do give this accessory to your kitty if it does not mind wearing one. The effect is totally Instagrammable.

Crafting a bow tie

There is no need to spend money to buy your cat a bow tie. You can make one yourself. Fix the color of your bow tie and buy felt of that color. You first must cut the felt. To do this, measure it first and cut to approximate 9″ x 4″. Use scissors. Take the long ends of the felt and fold in such a way that the two meet in the middle. After you do this, fold in short ends. Ensure that they slightly overlap. Use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to glue felt pieces in their correct place.  Cut a felt strip out. The measurement should have a width of one inch. Pinch the bow tie middle and then wrap felt strip in the center.

Making the collar

It is now time to craft the collar. To do this, first, measure the neck of your cat. Cut a piece of ribbon as per this measurement. You can also use felt. The length should be about two inches more than the neck of the cat. Bring two ends together so that a circle is formed. Use glue to connect two ends of the collar to be worn by the cat. Allow the glue to dry. If you find all these activities tiresome, buy a pair of bowties from the pet store instead.

It is now time to attach the bow tie to its collar. To do this, take a little hot glue or fabric glue and glue the bow tie back where it will stick to the collar. Position bow tie to the desired spot before the glue gets dry. Since you hand-crafted the collar, consider it positioning over join so that the join is hidden. Add strength to the arrangement. In case you use a collar bought from the store, position it away from buckle and the holes section. Do permit the addition of the collar to be completely dry in place. You now have a working bow tie for your kitty. Put the bow tie on your cat and let the furball strut its stuff. If your cat is small or is a tiny kitten, use smaller measurements. Do remember to give a few tweaks to get the thing right.

July 3, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Problems Due to Stray Cats

Image Credits: Pixabay

Stray cats are generally regarded as pest species due to their habit of taking over public places in large numbers. They spray everywhere and fight each other and sometimes also other species. These cats usually hover around public dumpsters and a foul musk scent is apparent during mating season. There have been reports of stray cats biting humans. These cats are also found to be hostile against domestic pet cats. A stray cat should thus be removed from public areas.

Do not abandon your cat

If you want to solve the stray cat problem, then do not feed them. It is not good to abandon your pet cat. If you want a well-behaved cat, have the animal spayed or neutered. Remember cats are lovely animals unless you dump them and leave the animals to survive on their own. Most people do not comprehend that although a kitty looks cute on the outside, it is always hungry and extremely feisty. It is also territorial and can be a real pain if you are not cautious of their activities. Most cat owners adapt to their kitty when it grows. Families surviving on a budget, however, tend to rehome it. Since they cannot find anyone else to take their cat, they dump the animal on the streets. The cat from then on has to survive by itself. This may cause a substantial number of problems. These cat owners do not think this far, their only aim is to get rid of the animal.

Cat population and diseases

A stray cat may cause a huge number of problems. One big problem is excess mating and its aftermath. Male cat mates with different female cats during a mating season and may also mate with pet cats, leaving the owner of that cat with unexpected kittens. The population of unwanted cats will only increase. Most stray kittens will die and nobody wants that. It is better to spay or neuter your cat so that nothing of this sort happens.

Another big problem is cat behavior. These felines travel in small colonies or packs. It means these cats would fight with your domestic cat over territory. The stray cats also carry many fatal diseases like feline HIV, feline leukemia, and rabies. Fleas and ticks are also carried. The last two will cause a huge number of problems if they enter the confines of the home. You will be forced to spend a large amount of money to disinfect your home. Do remember that rabies is transferable to humans, and it is one of the worst diseases known to humankind. Many owners do not vaccinate their cats before they dump them. These make the cats a threat to the surrounding human population.

July 2, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Hiking backpacks for dogs

Image Credits: Pixabay

Most dogs love nothing more than to run around amid nature. In fact, some dogs like it so much that their owners are forced to communicate in spelling out words like p-a-r-k as pronouncing the complete word would make the animal running to the door. You can easily take your dog to hike through the mountains or walk for hours along the sea beach. Both of you need provisions to do so. This is why it is important for the dog to carry its own vital provisions. You should not carry the weight of two travelers. Dog saddlebags help to share the burden.

Your dog must carry its own backpack

You can be smart and keep a number of items stored inside a dedicated satchel or a backpack. Such a method eliminates time which will otherwise be spent searching for a number of scattered items. The number of items which invariably gets lost will be minimum. Remember that it is a pain to carry your dog supplies. The water bottle itself will feel considerable weighty after some period of time. Your dog will enjoy carrying its provisions. Majority of dogs like to work for their owners and make them happy. Carrying luggage is a good exercise, and your dog needs it too.

Hiking with your dog needs careful planning, and unlike your dog, it will not be possible to run out of the door simply. It is important to take the necessary time to collect and also carry a number of things which will make sure this trip remains fun and safe. On the basic level, it means gathering up a leash and a water bottle. You will also require a dish along with a few plastic bags. There is also the requirement of things like treats, clickers, towels, favorite toy, and muzzles. If you and your dog will hike for a longer period of time, then you may also need food, first aid supplies, medications, and footwear. After all, this is put in the bag, the latter will have considerable weight. The dog must thus pull its fair share. Your only task, in this case, is that you securely stow everything in a quality, well-fitted bag.

Superior quality bags are worth the high price

Premium dog backpacks and cheaper ones are not the same. Superior quality saddlebags are stitched together using materials sufficiently resilient to withstand considerable amounts of tear. They must also contain padded straps, and the contact points are engineered to give maximum comfort to the canine. The better quality backpacks also have rugged clasps, zippers and snaps, and buckles. Cheaper ones have connectors. If you cannot afford a pricey dog backpack, choose a hardy one. Go for the plain saddlebags. The manufacturer must have spent money on function and not on decoration.