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May 6, 2019
by Lynn Merton

How far away can a male cat in heat find a female cat?

Pheromones can compel male cats to do serious prowling for a female cat. It should be mentioned that pheromones are not only connected to sexual arousal, but also behaviors like territorial respect, and alarm. It also cements the bond which exists between a baby and its mother. No wonder many science journals describe pheromone as a chemical which gets produced by one animal so that it could change the behavior of another animal belonging to the same species.


For cats, pheromones are vital. Felines have a superb sense of smell, and the pheromones act as a road map. It plays a much more important role than attracting the male species of the cat to the female one. The body of the female cat sends out certain chemicals when it is in heat. The male cats get the signal that she is available for mating. If the female cat gets pregnant, she stops sending out signals. It means a spayed cat will never send out signals.

Pheromones of male and female cats are different. It is possible to know a cat’s gender and also location by the pheromones that can be scented in that area. Male cats routinely spray to tell other male cats who is the boss in that location. This is the reason one male cat will have choice of almost all females while other males look on helplessly.

Pheromones play a significant role in mother-baby bonding. The chemical present in the milk of the mother cat does not calm the kittens, it also gives a nice map of where to find their mother if they get separated. Synthetic pheromones are available in the market to calm down frightened kitties. It is clear that pheromones are vital to any cat’s life-especially those who live outdoors.

Heat and spaying

Female cats reach maturity at around six months, and the estrus or “heat” cycle begins at this stage. During every breeding season, a female cat may go into her estrus cycle multiple times. The heat period lasts from a minimum of a day to about seven days. In-case the mating did not happen, the process will halt for one to two weeks, and the cycle restarts again. Only during this time, many male cats will appear at your house trying to mate with your female cat. When it comes to distance traveled, it is observed that male cats can recognize a female cat is in heat from as much as two miles distant. If you do not want to see, male cats sitting around expectantly in front of your house, spay your cat. If you do not spay your cat, be prepared to search homes for the kittens!

May 3, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Giving Up Your Puppy to Others

Image Credits: Pixabay

It takes considerable will-power to give your puppy to someone else, independent of the length of the time you owned the cute animal. Before you change your mind, remember that you love your puppy more than any other person in this world and yet it is you who is giving the animal away. Think about the reasons underlying such a decision. The decision to give away could stem from your financial weakness or the behavioral characteristic of the puppy. It is hard to find a good home for your dog, and you must be caring and responsible as long as you keep the canine.

Checkups and vaccinations.

Do take the puppy to the veterinarian for check-ups and vaccinations. Spay or neuter the animal. If you are thinking about making the puppy a good breeder, stop right there! There are lots of unwanted dogs in this cruel world, and there is an even chance that your dog may end up as one. A sterilized pet has a better chance to find a better home than a non-neutered or non-spayed one. The best action you can do is to give it an even chance of getting a house whose inhabitants will genuinely care for the dog. Spaying and neutering have many unexpected benefits. The animal will not urinate on everything to mark its territory and the chances of getting it kicked out reduces. The dog will also have a lesser tendency to run away from its new home.

In case you have already spayed or neutered your dog, and the animal has bitten no one, then you can advertise for the dog. Put an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper. Screen all callers carefully. Do not hide the puppy’s defects when you describe the dog to a potential owner. Remember that no animal is perfect. Whatever you do, you must not lie.

Good photos If you have a good camera, take high-quality photographs of the puppy. If you do not have a good camera, choose one from your friend or hire one. Type the pup’s name in the photo itself. It personalizes the dog. Write a few words about the best traits of the puppy, including its most endearing qualities and a few guidelines for the new home. Examples of these include a small family, no kids, experienced owners and more. If it is the matter of selecting an animal shelter, exercise discretion. Visit the place alone beforehand and talk to the staff. The chances are that your puppy could spend its entire life in that kennel. It is observed that dogs deteriorate mentally and emotionally swiftly inside a shelter. This is true even for better shelters. No dog must be forced to undergo such stress for an extended period.

May 2, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Exercising a lazy dog

Image Credits: Pixabay

Some dogs are the canine equivalent of couch potatoes. All they like to do is to laze around all day. It is important that dogs get exercise. Being understimulated and overweight may lead to multiple health issues. Lazy dogs typically die younger compared to fit canines. Dogs were bred to help humans at one point in the evolution of both species and a laziness is not a desirable trait in the species. Your dog must exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes at least once everyday.

Food dispensing toys

If standard toys does not exercise your dog, then you should utilize food dispensing toys. Even if standard toys bore the canine, a food dispensing toy will invariably perk it up. The most popular food dispensing toy is a rubber Kong. It is a non-toxic and dishwasher safe product with one hollow center. These toys are sold in multiple sizes, from a tiny functional object to a huge one. Stuff the Kong with your dog’s favorite food, and watch it play with the product. If your dog sees the Kong for the first time in its life, then you must teach the canine how to play with it. Once the dog is used to the toy and figured out how to get its treats without much hassle, then make it much more difficult for the dog to access the food. Place bigger food sizes, like cheese cubes. It is possible to layer foods inside the Kong like banana over mashed potato.

Hiding kibbles

Another excellent method to make your pooch exercise is to force it to do a kibble hunt. Hide its dry food or kibble in a different spot inside the house when it is playing outside. Encourage the dog to begin its kibble hunt. Begin by making the kibble easy to locate and make the food find incrementally harder. The idea is to make your dog search around the house so that it could remain active. Remember to use dry food. Dogs are messy eaters, and you will find yourself in a dirty home if you put in wet food for the canine to find. If you want to put in wet food, it is expected that you should always be in the house to supervise. Many owners put in dry food inside the kibble before they leave for office. This arrangement ensures the dog remains active all day.

Another way to make your lazy dog an active one is to find it a playmate. Even if your dog is extremely lazy, it will respond to another canine by sniffing and circling it. Introduce your puppy to another puppy in the neighborhood and watch their friendship develop. This arrangement will push your dog to walk, run, and play.

May 1, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Dog Travel Bags for International Travelers

Image Credits: Pixabay

Traveling with your dog means you have to take along a lot of its stuff. The list ranges from leashes and collars to sunscreen to poop bags. All these items must come along with the animal. This is why it makes sense to purchase a dog travel bag. If you go on frequent overnight trips, it is a good idea to purchase a quality dog travel bed. Small dog travel bags could fit into a suitcase. A large container can hold much more than the canine necessities. It is essential to know the advantages of each travel bag from a number of bags before zeroing on to one.

Wahl and PetParty

Most seasoned international travelers recommend Wahl company manufactured bags. These bags bring to the paw a mix of easy to use features along with portability. A lot of things can fit into the bag without cramming. The two padded carrying handles make transporting the dog easy. If your dog is small, you can use the padded shoulder strap which comes in matching colors. The presence of a number of external packets means you can fit a number of things including documents. There are both zippered and slip pockets. The bag has more than ample space for fitting the essentials. There is no need to worry about taking a heavy bag complete with many things which you do not use. Since the bag is dark colored, it hides stains well.

The Petparty company manufactures bags known to be stylish. Go for these bags if you own a smaller dog. This bag has many features which are normally available in more expensive carrying cases. The Petparty products are stylish with metallic leather and two-tone vertical stripe highlights. The combination of this design with a clear logo and white zippers projects a keen fashion sense which most dog travel bags usually lack. The oversized and rounded handles of the bags are their best feature. The soft leather coating around the handles serves as padding for your shoulders and hands. Metal connector brackets add extra security and make the bag more durable. The external pockets have zippers to make sure that you do not lose any object while you travel.

Budget choice

If you are on a budget, go for a Hubulk product. This company’s bags are fashionable and make carrying your dog much more comfortable. In case you wish to replace the old dog travel bag with a new one, consider a Hubulk one. The shoulder straps are rounded with a tan brown finish. A medium sized dog can be carried in the center pocket. The pet supplies can be carried in a number of external pockets. These pockets can be button shut.

April 30, 2019
by Lynn Merton

Dog Paw Moisturizer

Image Credits: Pixabay

Your puppy needs its moisturizer. The best ones are all-natural and are made from organic ingredients. The best ingredients must be used as puppies tend to lick its tows after you apply any paw balm. Moisturizers for dogs are proven to heal and soothe serious instances of dry paws. Hyperkeratosis is an example.

Tough paws are not good.

For dogs, dry or cracked paw pads could be ubiquitous. It is so common that many dog owners frequently ignore the presence of rough paw pads. They assume it is reasonable to see “tough” paws. The truth is not a happy one. Dry pads are frequently vulnerable to abrasions, irritation, and soreness. Canines love to lick dry or irritated paws. This gives rise to multiple secondary issues. A few common reasons exist as to why the foot pads of your dog could be dry and rough. Allergies are one of the more commoner reasons for such an occurrence. This happens if the canine in question is allergic to something specific in its immediate environment. The allergies could be related to an innocent presence, like the food you offer to your dog, or the cleaning products you use to keep the floors squeaky clean. The allergies could also emanate from something much more severe, like the dog coming in contact with any harsh chemical.

Multiple causes

Dry paws can also be the result of hyperkeratosis. It is a condition where the paw pad produces an excess amount of keratin. This causes paws to become cracked. Another cause of dry paws is simply natural wear. They are tough but far from invincible. The paws of dogs are not designed for synthetic surfaces like asphalt or hot concrete. There could be multiple reasons for your dog suffering from dry paws, like running on hot sands to walking on asphalt on a blazing summer day.

Zinc deficiency is yet another reason for dry dog paws. A few breeds are more susceptible to this condition. If you have adopted a dog of the German Shepherd, Husky, Great Dane, and Beagles breed, then you must be extra cautious of your four-legged friend suffering from this condition. The paw coil also becomes dry if the dog frequently chews its legs. After some time, the paws get damaged and dry. Some dogs have naturally sensitive paws which are prone to dryness and cracking. You must not ignore dry paws in your dog. It is easy to tell whether its dry paw inconveniences your dog: the animal constantly licks the affected part. Remember that dry paws are more vulnerable to injury. Cracks could turn so bad that they could peel to form sores. An infection could be the end result. Apply moisturizer as quickly as possible so that such a scenario does not happen.