November 13, 2013
by Sam Bourne

My Pet Has Cancer — What Do I Do Now?

Embed the Infomeme <div style=”text-align:center”><a target=”_blank” href=””><img src=”” style=”max-width: 100%;” /></a><div style=”margin-bottom: 5px;margin-top:5px”>This infomeme was created by <a href=””>PetCareRx</a>. Providing quality <a href=””>pet meds</a> and supplies for all your pet needs.</div></div> It happened — the devastating diagnosis: “Your pet has … Continue reading

November 2, 2013
by Sam Bourne

PetCareRx Teams Up with the National Canine Cancer Foundation for National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in cats and dogs, which is why organizations like the National Canine Cancer Foundation have set aside the entire month of November to educate pet parents about the causes, effects, and treatments of … Continue reading

July 22, 2013
by Kat Sherbo
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Is Electronic Cigarette Second-Hand “Smoke” Dangerous to Pets?

Secondhand smoke from regular cigarettes has long been known to be dangerous to pets. Science Daily reported in 2007 that “secondhand smoke has been associated with oral cancer and lymphoma in cats, lung and nasal cancer in dogs, as well as lung … Continue reading

January 30, 2013
by Emily Pope
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February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

Every year an estimated 6-8 million homeless pets enter animal shelters across the United States. Due to the limited number of adoptions, and the fact that many shelters simply do not have the resources to afford long-term care, millions of … Continue reading