September 18, 2013
by Kat Sherbo

One in 200 Dogs Gets Heartworm Every Year — You Can Prevent It

Heartworms are worm-like parasites that grow inside dogs and cats, and can reach up to a foot in length inside a pet. Gross! These parasites are transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause extreme health issues, which may lead to death. Embed … Continue reading


August 15, 2013
by Kat Sherbo

7 Useful Supplements for Pets

You may have a vitamin regimen for yourself, but did you know that pets can also benefit from multivitamins and specific supplements? Pets on homemade diets especially will likely need several supplements. Here are 7 options that can help your … Continue reading

August 13, 2013
by Kat Sherbo
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Online Vet Booking is Finally Here: Find a Vet and Book Instantly with Vet Finder!

Finding a veterinarian you trust, who specializes in what your pet needs AND has an office nearby–it can be a tall order. Now there’s a solution to find and book vets who match your needs. Introducing Vet Finder Regular vet … Continue reading