The Puppy Essentials

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The holidays can be a popular time to add a furry friend to the family. If you’re giving or getting a new puppy this year, you’ll want to get all the supplies and information you need.

Take a look at our new puppy supply guide, and our puppy parents-in-training series to learn all you’ll need to know. From vaccines to nutrition to housebreaking, we’ve got you covered!

Did You Know:

Health: Dogs tend to hide illnesses because of a natural instinct to seem strong to the rest of their pack.

Vaccines: All puppies in the US will need 4 core vaccines.

Nutrition: Most puppies should be eating puppy food until they are 9-12 months old.

Grooming: As a general rule, puppies shouldn’t be bathed more than once a month.

Housetraining: Puppies can usually hold their bladder for about 1 hour for every month they’ve been alive.

Training: Puppies are learning even when you’re not training, so be sure to set good examples.