What the Government Shutdown Means for Pets

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No matter who you blame for the government shutdown, there’s no denying that the halt of “non-essential” jobs will have an effect on US citizens. But what about the animals?

The Humane Society of the United States posted an in-depth report of which government agencies, and their work regarding animals, is being affected, including some repercussions that will affect cats, dogs, and other household pets.

Breeding facilities will not be inspected, leaving room for puppy mills to operate inhumanely: The USDA enforces the Animal Welfare Act, inspecting research facilities, commercial dog breeders and dealers, and exhibitors of exotic animals. Without funding, these inspections will cease until the government resumes operations.

The FDA may not report recalls: The FDA’s website, which reports pet food recalls, notes that information may not stay up to date due to the government shutdown. This could mean pet parents go without vital information about possible Salmonella contaminations or other issues with pet foods and products.

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