Which Beer is Your Dog Breed?


Raise a Glass to Dogs this Oktoberfest

If an ideal spouse is like fine wine — getting better with age — then an ideal dog is like a cold beer: friendly, playful, and just what you needed. In honor of Oktoberfest, we’ve matched 5 popular dog breeds with the brews that are most like them.

1. English Bulldog = English Cream Ale


Both the English Bulldog and this English beer are lighter and more playful than expected, and whether they’re more assertive or laid-back really depends on how they were raised.

2. Labrador Retriever = India Pale Ale (IPA)


IPAs had to last the longer voyage to India, so they were made with extra hops. Both they and Labs are extra-hearty, made to be man’s best friend, and have a bouncy personality.

3. German Shepherd = Hefeweizen


Of course no celebration of Oktoberfest would be complete without Germany’s favorite beer, and favorite dog! German Shepherds are a lovely color mix that remind us of clove and bananas — two frequent flavors of this dependable beer.

4. Beagle = Oatmeal Stout


With notes of caramel and chocolate, and a silky texture, both Beagle dogs and these dark beers are of hardy stock, even if they are known for being short and “stout.”

5. Golden Retriever = Pilsner


Whether they’re more a straw-blonde or a deeper golden, both the Golden Retriever and the Pilsner are loved far and wide for their touch of sweetness and how easy they are to handle.

What do you think?

Have we matched correctly? What kind of beer would your dog be?

Tell us in the comments below!

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